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Heartwarming moment woman jumps into soldier’s arms as he returns from deployment for Christmas
Featured Image Credit: Nebraska National Guard

Heartwarming moment woman jumps into soldier’s arms as he returns from deployment for Christmas

He was returning home from a tour when she jumped into his arms to welcome him home

A touching moment was captured when a woman leapt into the arms of her partner after he returned home from a military tour.

The soldier barely had time to drop his bags before she flew into a tight embrace.

It's hardly surprising, given that he had just been deployed for ten months in a variety of locations around the Middle East.

These had included Kuwait, where he had been involved in training operations with allied forces in the area.

He was among 91 soldiers from Troop C, 1-134th Cavalry Squadron who returned home to Nebraska in time for Christmas.

Matias Domingo was another soldier in the group, and had something else to look forward to on his return as his wife Brianne had given birth to their daughter two months before.

He told FOX: "I was definitely counting down the days. It’s a feeling that I can’t explain right now, but I am definitely very excited to be back home."

Brianne added: "It’s just nice that he gets to spend time with her now and get that bond with her."

The woman embraced the soldier.
Instagram / nationalguard

Chase Adams also returned home with the group.

Holding his little girl, he said: "I'm just excited to be back and missed both of them a bunch.

"And lots of things have changed and ready to pick up our life back."

Meanwhile, Staff Sgt. Kelly Byrne revealed that he has family history with the unit as members of his family have previously served with them.

He said: "Personally, I jumped at the opportunity for this mission because my grandpa and my great-grandpa were members of this unit in their respective days of service.

"So, it means a lot to be a part of it."

That's going back a long way!

This group of soldiers were not the only ones to receive a warm welcome after returning home.

The soldiers were returning from a ten-month tour.
US Army National Guard

A heartwarming video shows a Ukrainian soldier reuniting with his dog after being held prisoner for almost a year.

The solider, Ihor, was one those who were captured in Mariupol and was released following a prisoner exchange.

His dog Ramus can be excitedly greeting its owner and wagging its tail as he returns home.

In a statement, the Western Regional Department of the State Border Service of Ukraine said: “On 17 May, during the forced exit from Azovstal, the border guard was captured along with other military personnel.

“First, the serviceman was transferred to Olenivka, and later to a colony in the Luhansk region.

“On 7 March of this year, after the exchange of prisoners, Ihor was able to return to his family.”

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