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Strange green liquid oozes from airport ceiling and drenches terminals

Strange green liquid oozes from airport ceiling and drenches terminals

A major US airport in Florida looked like a set of a Nickelodeon show after 'slime' appeared to leak down the walls

A neon-green liquid rained down from the ceiling at a major US airport.

If you were flying from Miami International Airport, then you could be excused for thinking you were on the set of a Nickelodeon show, as what looked like slime covered the floor at gate G7 at 9am on Independence Day (July 4).

Luckily, no one got covered in goo, and there was no 90's sitcom audience to laugh at whoever was underneath it.

No, it was just a bright green colored leak.

A video of the incident went viral on X - and you can see why.

The camera pans across the terminal, showing huge green puddles on the ground as well as gushing drips from the ceiling.

In the video, airport visitors can be heard commenting on the leak, with one person saying: "That is literally insane."

Another can be heard saying: "Oh my god, look at the airport. What happened?"

However, despite it's very bright color, the airport confirmed that it was 'not hazardous'.

Green 'slime' started leaking from the ceiling (Miami International Airport)
Green 'slime' started leaking from the ceiling (Miami International Airport)

Miami-Dade Aviation Department said in a statement to UNILAD: "At approximately 9 a.m. on Thursday, July 4, the Miami-Dade Aviation Department received reports of a broken pipe in Concourse G.

"Crews were immediately dispatched to investigate and the cleanup was completed by 10:30 a.m. The liquid was water from the AC system with a green dye in it, so if there is ever a leak, it can be traced to its source.

"The cleanup did not disrupt operations because the area only included seating. "Passengers were simply relocated to other seating areas in Concourse G."

They also confirmed that no flights were affected due to the leak.

The airport's X account also thanked 'their passengers in Concourse G for their patience & understanding this morning'.

However, some people were still confused about the color - with some asking 'What kind of liquid is this??' and 'Why is it neon green??' to which the airport cleared up in the comments.

They wrote: "Maintenance staff typically injects dye in chilled water pipelines to easily detect minor leaks. This fluid presented no threat to passengers and was in no way hazardous."

Honestly, that's not a bad idea if you think about it.

It's not the weirdest thing to have happened in Miami Airport recently, however.

In May, a man was stopped trying to board the plane with a bag of snakes in his pants.

Yes, really.

Featured Image Credit: X/Miami international Airport

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