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Man 'accused of shoplifting by Walmart' goes to extreme lengths to get justice
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Man 'accused of shoplifting by Walmart' goes to extreme lengths to get justice

He's filed two separate lawsuits

A man is taking on Walmart in what can only be described as a real-life David versus Goliath situation.

Roderick Jackson claims to have been wrongly accused of shoplifting at a store in Omaha, Nebraska, in March 2021.

Following the ordeal, Jackson attempted to sue the retailer, where he claimed that he was racially profiled and falsely accused of a crime which led to him being arrested.

As per the handwritten complaint, Jackson suffered 'emotional stress and pain from the handcuffs'.

At the time of the first filing, the man requested $100 million and 'a huge credit for future shopping' from Walmart, but this was later changed to $175 million in damages.

But in late 2021, the file was dismissed as Jackson didn't properly serve Walmart, New York Post reports.

The retailer also said that Jackson's claims had no merit.

In light of his unsuccessful first attempt, Jackson - from Waskom, Texas - is now suing Walmart again.

Walmart is being sued by Jackson for a second time.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

He filed his new complaint on January 8 in a second handwritten document.

While he's suing for the same reason, he's changed what he wants in damages to $100 million or 'free lifetime shopping at any Walmart'.

Jackson also wants all his court fees to be paid by the company, as well as a 'reversal of all document and allegations'.

In the wake of his new filing, a spokesperson for Walmart said that it will defend itself against the allegations.

"We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Mr. Jackson’s allegations are almost identical to a lawsuit he filed against our company in 2021 that was dismissed," they told UNILAD.

"We intend to defend the company against the allegations once we have been properly served and will quickly ask the court to dismiss any claims that are without merit."

Jackson outlined the damages he's seeking.
US District Court

If Jackson's allegations are true, it wouldn't be the first time a customer was wrongly accused of stealing from Walmart.

In June 2023, a police officer was filmed kneeling on the neck of a man he suspected had stolen a frozen pizza.

Dayton Borisouth was asked to provide proof of purchase before being wrestled to the ground by responding officers.

Eventually the 24-year-old was released and he went on to accuse the officers of choosing him for a receipt check because he had blue hair and entered the shop without a shirt.

An off-duty officer working security for Walmart and one of the officers who responded when he called for backup were disciplined following the incident and ordered to undergo additional training, KTVZ reports.

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