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Cop kneels on man's neck after wrongly accusing him of stealing frozen pizza
Featured Image Credit: Tiktok / @viviana_borisouth/

Cop kneels on man's neck after wrongly accusing him of stealing frozen pizza

Dayton Borisouth was buying a $5 frozen pizza for dinner

A disturbing video of a Kansas City police officer kneeling on a Walmart shopper's neck has gone viral, with viewers urging the man to 'get a lawyer and sue'.

Dayton Borisouth, 24, was held down by officers after he purchased a frozen pizza.

According to KCTV, he said that on June 1 he headed to a Walmart to help his uncle jumpstart his car.

The jump failed and while they were waiting for road assistance, he decided to run into the Kansas City store where he purchased a $5 frozen pizza for dinner.

Upon leaving the store, he was asked by an officer if he had proof of his purchase.

Borisouth recounted: “He said, ‘Got your receipt?’ And I answered. I said, ‘Yes’. And then I just kept walking.”

However, in the reflection of the sliding glass door, the shopper could see another policeman approaching him from behind.

Kansas City Police said the officers used techniques "not approved" by the Department.

He stated: “I shook my head no, and said, ‘Stop chasing me. You don’t have the right to detain me. I didn’t break any laws', and then he pinned me in the corner where the claw machine was.”

He claims he told the officers: “I have the receipt. It’s in my pocket,” but they told him to stop reaching his pockets.

Borisouth told the officers that he had a blade in his pocket — an item he regularly used in his career remodeling homes.

“I cleared it up with him immediately,” he said. “I was like, ‘I have one weapon on me. And it’s not a weapon'. I was like, ‘It’s my work blade and I do not intend to use it.’ I let him know that immediately.”

After being released, the man allegedly accused the officers of choosing him for a receipt check because he had entered the shop without a shirt, and had blue hair.

Viewers of the incident have urged the 24-year-old to "sue".

The KCKPD has stated that the officers used 'techniques that are not approved, nor trained by the Department'.

“Moving forward, we will work with all our retail partners to ensure that there is a clear, mutual understanding of our officer's role while working in any off-duty capacity,” the statement said.

A video of the incident was recorded and posted to TikTok by Dayton’s wife, Viviana, and has already amassed over 400,000 views.

Viewers who have watched the horrific footage have weighed in on what Borisouth should do next.

One wrote: “I hope he's (sic) suing the store and police department.”

Another claimed: “Once you pay for it, it's your property. You don't legally have to show proof that you bought it, to security or police. Hope he gets paid well.”

A third said: “What the hell, over a 5.00 pizza. Shame on those cops.”

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