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Mystery monolith that left people baffled after appearing in the middle of Nevada desert is removed

Mystery monolith that left people baffled after appearing in the middle of Nevada desert is removed

The mysterious mirrored obelisk appeared in the desert near to Las Vegas, leading to wild speculation about how it got there

Officials have removed a strange structure which appeared in the Nevada desert.

The mysterious monolith was made out of highly mirrored sheet metal, rising out of the ground like some sort of alien obelisk.

It looked completely out of place in the magnificent desert landscape surrounding Las Vegas, with the sheet metal held in place with concrete and rebar.

The straight shining edges and right angles cut a striking image in the middle of the undulating shapes of rocks, cliffs, and hardy desert plants around it.

On June 17, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) took to X to share the bizarre discovery 'near Gass Peak north of the valley'.

Of course, the structure's origins only added to the sense of mystery surrounding it.

That's because still no-one has come forward to claim it, making the eerie installation seem to have come out of nowhere.

While its origins might remain a mystery, the monolith's end has arrived after officials removed it from the spot where it had been placed.

But why was the structure removed?

The mysterious object seemingly came out of nowhere. (X/@LVMPD)
The mysterious object seemingly came out of nowhere. (X/@LVMPD)

Authorities explained that its location off marked trails meant that it could pose a risk to the public and local wildlife.

LVMPD confirmed the removal of the object in an announcement from its official X page on June 21, with the enigmatic title: "MYSTERIOUS MONOLITH UPDATE."

"Yesterday afternoon, we assisted with the removal of the item due to public safety and environmental concerns," the statement said.

"It is being stored at an undisclosed location while public authorities determine the most appropriate way to dispose/store the item."

The statement added: "It remains unknown how the item got to its location or who might be responsible.

"At this time, there is no LVMPD investigation into the object or the circumstances surrounding its existence."

You may be wondering how it could have posed such a danger to people.

The monolith has now been removed. (X/@LVMPD)
The monolith has now been removed. (X/@LVMPD)

Well, placing a mysterious object somewhere is likely to make people want to go and take a look at it.

And a reminder that this monolith was located in the middle of a vast desert where the temperature often rises above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

This brings a significant risk of dehydration and heatstroke for anyone out in the scorching sun for too long.

So it perhaps makes sense to not give people a reason to go out hiking in such extreme weather, especially not off-trail.

Featured Image Credit: LVMPD/X

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