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Kim Kardashian's son Saint West flips off paparazzi

Kim Kardashian's son Saint West flips off paparazzi

Kim Kardashian's son Saint West was spotted with a cheeky smile on his face as he swore at the paparazzi.

Kim Kardashian briefly scolded her smiling son, Saint West, as he flipped off the paparazzi while they were in a Los Angeles parking lot.

Last week Friday (September 15), Kim Kardashian jumped straight into parent-mode after noticing Saint, 7, exhibiting less than saint-like behavior.

The cheeky child was seen holding his middle finger up to the photographers after they had left his basketball game and pulled into an Islands restaurant parking lot.

Saint quickly giggled after his stunt, much to the disapproval of his mother who failed to crack a smile during the interaction.

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Kim briefly covered her eldest son’s face as he seemed to find what he had just done pretty amusing.

Saint then attempted the rude gesture a second time - albeit more covertly - flashing his middle finger behind him while walking past the photographers. This didn't quite go the way Saint planned, however, as like a hawk Kim caught him in the act.

Despite multiple tellings off from his mom, Saint continued to smile.

Saint’s older sister, North, seemingly inspired his mischievous antics as she took to flipping the bird during the family’s Christmas card photoshoot in 2021. Kim has previously complained about the frustration of dealing with her children when they misbehave in public - as every mom would probably agree with.

“They always cry. Nobody gets along,” Kim said while filming Hulu’s Season 1 of The Kardashians.

“Most of the photos I saw were unusable because North was sticking out her middle finger,” she said speaking on the photoshoot incident.

“It’s days like this when I really just need to lock myself in the room by myself for just a good 30 minutes. Yeah, it’s a lot. It’s just a lot being a mom,” Kim added.

While Kim has expressed her less than pleased attitude with her children for their behaviour, their father, rapper Kanye West - or Ye - has had multiple outbursts and critical words to say about the paparazzi over the years.

Not very saint-like behavior at all.
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Most recently in June this year, the rapper was forced to reprimand a member of the paparazzi for following and snapping pictures of him and his family during an outing to church.

In a video, captured by TMZ, West chooses to confront them, not with gestures, but rather some choice words.

“Like seriously bro, all you motherf****** stop following me,” West can be heard saying in the clip.

At the time of the outburst, Kanye was with his wife Bianca Censori, and at least one of his children. It seems the paparazzi did not listen to Kanye’s demands as snaps later showed the rapper playing with his youngest son, 4-year-old Psalm, who had brought his bike for the outing.

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