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Man stabbed twice after giving stranger ride in kind act
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Man stabbed twice after giving stranger ride in kind act

Whilst it's always good to be kind, it nearly cost an Independence resident his life.

A Kanas man was stabbed twice after trying to do a good deed.

Whilst it is always good to be kind, the Independence resident was set upon after offering to help a stranger who asked for a ride.

Shockingly, it was only once they were in the car that he realised how dangerous the situation was.

A Kanas resident was stabbed twice for giving a stranger a ride.

Ironically, Doctore Paton had been working on his truck at home when the stranger begged him for a ride to Target.

At the time, Tyler Rizer, 29, explained that his car had broken down and Paton soon took pity on the unlucky 29-year-old.

“He said his car broke down there and he needed a ride back to Target, and me, being a nice guy, I agreed to give him a ride,” recalled Paton, who would soon regret his good deed.

Jumping in his car with his wife Heather, the trio headed to the outlet which is when things began to take a dark turn.

Rizer began to behave bizarrely and even tried to change where they were headed, leading to Paton trying to pull over – hoping that he and his wife would be able to escape.

As they drove down the I-70 though, Rizer took control of the vehicle and removed a knife from the centre console as he threatened the couple.

Moments later, Paton was stabbed twice in the chest as he attempted to get control of his car back.

Rizer was later arrested for his crime spree.

During an interview with KMBC-TV, he told the outlet how he’d managed to steer the car in the desperate bid to get away from Rizer.

Paton told the news outlet: “I went to the shoulder, and I got the car slow enough to where I could throw the car in park and took the key out of the ignition.”

Having done this, the Kanas man was then set upon by the stranger with Rizer stabbing him in the chest twice.

Paton then fled to a nearby neighbour’s house, who chased the 29-year-old off with a shovel and saved the couple’s life.

While he was treated in the hospital, Rizer was later arrested for a violent crime spree that had begun earlier that day.

According to an affidavit, it had begun when the criminal entered a family’s yard where he threatened a mom and her two children.

Having stolen their car and some cash, he was then involved in a crash and attempted to carjack someone before eventually being caught.

As of October 2, he was being held in jail with a $500,000 cash-bound.

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