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Horrifying footage shows woman having life-threatening stroke arrested after cops thought she was drunk
Featured Image Credit: Dublin Law Group

Horrifying footage shows woman having life-threatening stroke arrested after cops thought she was drunk

The woman was arrested at gunpoint

A woman who was suffering from a stroke was held at gunpoint by police after she was suspected of drink driving, a lawsuit has claimed.

Nicole McClure crashed her car after suffering a stroke in Washington on March 21, 2022.

However, instead of being taken to hospital, she was arrested and allegedly kept in a cell for 24 hours.

When she was taken to hospital to be examined, doctors had to remove part of her skull to relieve pressure in her brain caused by a frontal-lobe subdural hematoma.

According to the lawsuit, Ms McClure had left work early due to complaints of dizziness and a headache.

She was then spotted by trooper Jonathan Barnes, who had tried to stop Ms McClure on the road by flashing his lights at her as he'd noticed she was driving too slowly, and couldn't stay in the lane, the lawsuit claims.

However, Ms McClure kept on driving slowly until she hit a traffic roundabout.

In the dashcam footage, Barnes can be seen taking out his gun, yelling "Get out the car, get out the car!" while inching closer to Ms McClure.

He then pushes her on to the hood of his vehicle and handcuffs her, accusing her of 'eluding the police'.

Ms Nicole McClure was arrested.
Dublin Law Group

In the footage, Officer Barnes repeatedly questions McClure about drugs and drinking, to which she responded by telling the officer she was not inebriated and her last drink was 'around 12 hours ago'.

He asks her: "When’s the last time you used meth? When was the last time you used heroin?"

‘I haven’t — I don’t,’ she says, adding: ‘I’m confused. I think I’m tired.’

Barnes then arrested Ms McClure on suspicion of intoxicated driving and felony evading.

Ms McClure was taken to the hospital, however, but it was only to issue a drugs and alcohol test - with the lawsuit also alleging that hospital staff weren't informed that she had been involved in a crash.

Ms McClure had to have part of her skull removed.
Dublin Law Group

It is also alleges that the medical section of the arrest report was crossed out and 'did not ask' was penned across it.

The hospital tests concluded that there were no drugs or alcohol in her system, the lawsuit also says.

Ms McClure was then taken to Thurston County Jail, where the lawsuit alleges that no medical help was arranged despite her asking for help as she was failing to stand, as well as vomiting.

According to Ms McClure's lawyer, Anne Vankirk, she was allegedly 'laughed at', and told to 'have another shot'.

Eventually, Ms McClure was taken to a hospital, where she underwent emergency brain surgery and was hospitalised for 17 days.

She has now been left with a 'severe brain injury' according to her lawyer, and is suing Thurston County Police for allegedly ignoring her symptoms.

A DUI arrest report showed that trooper did not ask sobriety questions while arresting McClure.

“Nicole suffers from severe traumatic brain injury and remains unable to care for herself or engage with life in meaningful ways." Vankirk said.

“Had Nicole received immediate medical attention, her condition would have been significantly easier to treat and the outcome far less severe."

Chris Loftis, a Washington state patrol spokesperson, told UNILAD that the Washington State Patrol would refrain from commenting on pending litigation.

He also said that Barnes wasn't disciplined, ITV reports.

Meanwhile a spokesperson for Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Tara Tsehlana, said the county had been served with the lawsuit, adding: "While we can’t discuss the specifics of any pending litigation, I can confirm that the safety of inmates, staff, and the general public remains a top priority for the Thurston County Corrections Facility."

UNILAD has contacted Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney's Office for further comment.

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