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Rust armorer becomes visibly distressed as photos of Halyna Hutchins' bloody body are shown in court
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/NewsNation

Rust armorer becomes visibly distressed as photos of Halyna Hutchins' bloody body are shown in court

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed has been charged with involuntary manslaughter

The armorer who worked on Alec Baldwin's film Rust during the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins could be seen getting distressed as photos of the cinematographer were shared in court.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed is in court facing involuntary manslaughter charges following the death of Hutchins in 2021; charges to which she has pleaded not guilty.

The 42-year-old cinematographer lost her life on the set of Rust, when Baldwin discharged a prop gun in her direction and she was struck by a bullet.

As the trial continues, medical examiner Dr. Heather Jarrell took the stand to give testimony and told the court there 'was a belief on the Rust set that the firearm was not loaded with live ammunition'.

As part of her testimony Jarrell discussed photos of Hutchins' body taken before it was 'cleaned', which depicted a gunshot wound in the region of her right armpit.

"Surrounding the entrance wound is an abrasion or a scratch that is likely due to the positioning of Ms. Hutchins' arm when she was shot," Jarrell said.

As she spoke, Gutierrez-Reed could be seen taking deep breaths and seemingly trying to avoid looking at the photographs as she instead looked down towards her lap.

Gutierrez-Reed covered her face as the photos were presented.

She later swallowed and appeared distressed, raising her hand to her head before using it to cover her mouth as she seemingly attempted to hold back tears.

Jarrell described how the bullet broke one of Hutchins' ribs and injured some blood vessels before it exited her body through her back.

As a result, the mom-of-one suffered 'significant blood loss' and a 'lethal' injury to her right lung, according to the medical examiner.

Jarrell stated: "Looking at the material available to me through law enforcement reports, it was apparent to me there was no obvious intent to cause death. It doesn't mean there was not negligence."

Gutierrez-Reed could face up to 18 months in prison.

Another witness who took the stand in the trial was Ross Addiego, the dolly grip, who was helping the camera operator set up the shot when the gun fired.

Addressing the court, Addiego said: “A firearm went off in a small wooden church. The concussion, ears ringing, that moment of panic in everybody. I think the first person I made eye contact with was Halyna, who was clearly injured by whatever that gunshot was…

"She was starting to go flush and holding her right side.”

If convicted, Gutierrez-Reed faces up to 18 months behind bars.

Baldwin, who has been charged with involuntary manslaughter over the shooting, is set to face his own trial in July.

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