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Mom banned from dropping kids off at Christian school over OnlyFans ad on her car

Mom banned from dropping kids off at Christian school over OnlyFans ad on her car

The mother has been told by the Catholic school to park 'across the street' to stop children from seeing her promotional sticker.

A mother has been told by her children’s school that she's banned from parking outside unless she ‘gets rid’ of saucy advertisement on her car.

Florida mom Michelle Cline has been told she’s banned from dropping her kids off at Liberty Christian Prep unless she removes the sticker advertising her OnlyFans which is placed on the back of her vehicle.

The OnlyFans creator - who goes by the name Piper Fawn on the website - proudly promotes her adult content by covering her entire windshield to promote her raunchy platform, and argues that this is her ‘business and way of life'.

“My husband and I had this, you know, little wild, you know, behind-closed-doors lifestyle that we’ve now decided to share,” she shared.

However, other parents of fellow students don’t feel the same way.

Lexy Thomas’ children attend the same school and she has branded the advertisement as ‘distracting’ to her children, as well as stating that the size of the advertisement was unnecessary.

“That’s a distraction to my children,” Thomas said. “And no matter how poorly or how good I parent, porn is there, and that’s kind of the first thing they’re seeing when they’re going into a place that should be educating them.”

She said: “It’s not just a tiny little emblem on the back of a car, it is taking up the entire windshield.”

WPLG Local 10

And it’s not just Lexy who’s unhappy with the vehicles current state, as other parents have come forward to the school to complain about the raunchy ad.

Some have said there’s an ‘easy fix’ for the solution, which would be Michelle removing the ‘offensive’ sticker from her car to stop the flurry of complaints.

But the mom responded to the complaints, saying: “And that one seemed like an easy thing to say, for sure. But for me, you know, it supports my family, this provides a very comfortable way of life for us."

She added: "And it’s legal, you know, I pay taxes just like everyone else but I’m not breaking the law. I just offended people.”

WPLG Local 10

At the minute the mom has been told by the Catholic school that she must park across the street away from the children, which forces her children to cross a busy road and a parking lot in order to get to the school entrance, which Michelle says is a detriment to her children which they don’t deserve.

‘I want the school, at the very least, to provide someone to help her kids get across the street safely.’ she stated.

UNILAD has contacted Liberty Christian Prep for comment.

Featured Image Credit: WPLG Local 10

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