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Woman took a DNA test and discovers she dated her half-brother in high school
Featured Image Credit: CNN

Woman took a DNA test and discovers she dated her half-brother in high school

Victoria Hill has been left 'traumatized' since uncovering the truth.

A woman has spoken out after a DNA test revealed she dated her half-brother in high school.

It's a piece of information some would probably rather not know - ignorance is bliss and all that - however, one woman didn't realise a DNA test to find out more about her health and parents would lead to another shocking discovery - or around 20+ to be exact.

Completely different in character but also looks to her dad and worried about a health issue which neither of her parents had shown any signs of, Victoria Hill decided to get a DNA test.

The 39-year-old licensed clinical social worker from Connecticut sent her DNA off via 23andMe genomics company.

Nothing could've prepared her for the results of the test.

The test revealed the man Hill grew up with knowing as her dad, wasn't actually her biological father.

Not only that, but her biological father - a sperm donor - had lent his services to multiple other women too and so Hill had multiple half siblings she previously had no knowledge of - later discovering she had over 20.

And one of those 20+ siblings turned out to be someone who Hill already knew very well already, the story taking a dark turn.

Victoria Hill sent off a DNA test and was gobsmacked by the results.
Getty Images/ MediaNews Group/ Boston Herald

One of her newfound siblings claimed the sperm donor wasn't a donor at all, but the doctor who'd been helping Hill's mom get pregnant used his own sperm without Hill's mom's consent.

Hill tells CNN she was 'traumatized' by the news, adding: "Now I’m looking at pictures of people thinking, well, if he could be my sibling, anybody could be my sibling."

And knowing he'd also been conceived via a donor as well as his parents having used the same doctor to Hill, Hill's high school boyfriend decided to take a test too.

Hill found out she had at least 22 siblings.

It turned out he was one of Hill's half-siblings too, him sending her a screenshot of the news stating: "You are my sister."

Hill says she now looks back her 'whole high school experience with a completely different lens,' the news 'tarnishing the whole thing'.

"I was intimate with my half-brother," she continues. "We didn't know."

The DNA test revealed she had over 20 siblings.
Getty Images/ Pavlo Palamarchuk/ Anadalou Agency

Hill's story is considered an extreme example of fertility fraud and the 'first time' there's been a 'confirmed case of someone actually dating' and being 'intimate' with a half-sibling by accident, expert on fertility fraud and Indiana University law professor Jody Madeira says.

Fertility fraud is illegal in 12 states, but not in Connecticut, as per Connecticut Public.

Two other woman in the state named Eve and Laura discovered they were victims of fertility fraud too. Laura made the discovery after developing health issues and asking her donor to share his records but he refused and then similarly to Hill, Eve discovered her dad wasn't her biological father and that the sperm donation wasn't from a donor but her mother's fertility doctor.

The women are now campaigning for stricter legislation and legal protection.

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