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Dog reunited with family after being found alive with body of owner who had been missing for 2 months
Featured Image Credit: Colorado Missing Person Organization

Dog reunited with family after being found alive with body of owner who had been missing for 2 months

Finny had set off for a hike with her owner in Colorado's Blackhead Peak area

A Jack Russell terrier has been reunited with her family after being found alive with the body of Colorado hiker Rich Moore.

The little dog, Finny, had gone hiking with her owner in August as Moore planned to summit Blackhead Peak, which is located just east of Pagosa Springs.

The 71-year-old was reported missing on 19 August, prompting authorities to conduct an extensive search of the area.

Searchers spent almost 2,000 hours looking for the elderly hiker, with Delinda Vanne-Brightyn, of Taos Search and Rescue, explaining that searchers looked for Moore 'from just under the peak-top and directly West, searching down the mountain toward where his car was located'.

"Winds were directly from the West/Soutwest. It was so steep, we were inserted in by a helicopter. He was found 2.5 miles East of the mountain-top beneath where we were inserted," she continued in a statement shared by the rescue team.

Blackhead Peak, located in the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado, has an elevation of 12,500 feet. The standard route to summit the mountain is about three miles one way.

It wasn't until 30 October that Moore's body was found, when he was discovered by a hunter in the Lower Blanco drainage basin.

The pair went missing on 19 August.
Colorado Missing Persons Organization

While Moore sadly had not survived, Finny was found still alive despite it being weeks since the 14-year-old dog had last been in civilisation.

She was found in the same area as her owner.

After being discovered, Finny was flown along with Moore's body in a helicopter off the mountain, after which she was taken to a local animal hospital for examination and treatment.

After the dog got the all-clear, Finny was reunited with her remaining human family.

In a statement on Facebook, Taos Search and Rescue wrote: "Delinda and TSAR would like to send our condolences to the family, but are glad they were able to gain some closure as well as bring their dog back home."

Jack Russells are well adapted to surviving in the wild, thanks both to their physical build and their coats which are well balanced to handle different terrains and seasons, Pets4Homes explains.

The small dogs are also good hunters of prey, which may be how Finny managed to survive for so many weeks.

Moore’s cause of death is yet to be determined, but the Archuleta County Sheriff’s Office has said that it does not suspect a crime has taken place.

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