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Americans are just discovering the art of putting butter on a sandwich and they’re blown away

Americans are just discovering the art of putting butter on a sandwich and they’re blown away

They said it was a relatively new 'food hack' that provides flavor and moisture.

Americans are posting on TikTok their first experiences of eating butter on a sandwich and they are blown away by the 'food hack'.

While chucking some good old fashion butter on the underside of your bread might seem like the most basic and obvious thing on the planet, it has seemingly evaded some people in the US.

Amanda Rollins went viral after she uploaded a video expressing how 'weird' she thought it was that people would add something like butter to a sandwich.

She lives in Paris and in the clip she said that her American followers might find what she’s doing is 'strange', but that this is something that the French are doing.

Rollins said: “It occurred to me that French people do something very weird with sandwiches that I think you guys would find strange. This is butter.”

“What they do, it’s like a classic sandwich. It’s ham, cheese, and butter.”

A food influencer stitched that video with Rollins trying out butter on the sandwich and was really surprised at how good it was.

She added butter to a ham and cheese sandwich and said: "Anyone outside the US would probably agree that butter on a sandwich is totally normal.

"But for many it's a brand new food hack that they're just discovering for the first time."

She added: "Now this concept is totally new for me and I gotta say I like it.

"It provides flavor and moisture to your sandwich but it doesn't make your sandwich soggy like mayo can."

Well, people were well and truly gobsmacked that this is a new concept.

One person reacting to the clip said: "I am completely confused… why have Americans only just discovered THE MAIN USE OF BUTTER."

Another said: "What does the US use butter for if not to put in sandwiches??? I’m so confused that’s like it’s top use in the UK."

A third commented: "I had absolutely no idea Americans don’t put butter on bread! No ordinary British sandwich would be without it. I have tubs in the fridge."

But it clearly isn't just the Brits and French who love their butter, with one saying: “Swede here, and totally normal in Scandinavia as well.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@americanfille. TikTok/@purewow

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