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Amazon delivery driver throws parcel in tree to stop ‘porch pirates’

Amazon delivery driver throws parcel in tree to stop ‘porch pirates’

That's one way of solving the problem

We've all had parcels delivered to the wrong address, left behind a wall or even thrown into a garbage can to keep them 'safe'.

But one woman was shocked when her Amazon delivery driver left her parcel in a tree while trying to deliver it to her address.

Photographer Heather Rowland (aka @__greensilk), from Chicago, shared a video of what happened over on TikTok.

In the clip, Heather posted a screengrab of a message she received from the driver, apologizing for the 'placement' of the package.

The driver apologized for what had happened.

The message read: "Your Amazon delivery has been completed. I apologize for the placement of the package. I was trying to toss it far in haha. Happy New Year!"

Heather can then be seen scrambling up the tree to retrieve the parcel, which luckily she is able to grab after bending the branch slightly.

“I spent 20 minutes searching last night and didn’t notice until my walk this morning,” said Heather.

Luckily, Heather managed to retrieve the parcel.

With windows behind the tree, we're not entirely sure where the driver intended the parcel to land, but several TikTokers pointed out that the technique would avoid any 'porch pirate worries'.

According to American security company ADT, a 'porch pirate' is someone who steals packages left on doorsteps or 'safe places' by couriers.

The company estimates that around 36 percent of Americans have had a parcel stolen from outside their home at least once.

ADT recommends a using video surveillance system to catch 'porch pirates' so they can be identified by authorities.

Heather's video attracted heaps of comments, with many people in disbelief.

One wrote: "Where was he trying to throw it lmaooo."

Another said: "I’ve been laughing about this all day sorry."

While a third added: "He’s just making sure the porch pirates don’t steal it, honestly love him for this."

Someone else commented: "At least they apologized about it lol."

And another user penned: "There's just no way."

Heather later explained that she has a locked gate near her property, so she figured the driver was trying to toss the parcel across it.

While some said they would have complained, Heather said there was no ill feelings and added that it was just a funny situation and the parcel wasn't damaged.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/__greensilk

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