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Couple file lawsuit against Airbnb owner after 'discovering property had hidden cameras'

Couple file lawsuit against Airbnb owner after 'discovering property had hidden cameras'

The Texas couple say they found hidden cameras around the Airbnb

A Texas couple have filed a lawsuit against an Airbnb owner after claiming he put up 'hidden cameras' in the property he rented out to them.

Court documents filed on 13 July show that Kayelee Gates and Christian Capraro stayed two nights at an Airbnb in Maryland in August 2022.

However, the couple claims they found 'multiple hidden cameras disguised as smoke detectors' in the bathroom and bedroom of the property and says they called the police, who are then said to have found other hidden cameras after obtaining a search warrant.

Last year, when the initial accusation was made against property owner Christopher Goisse, he denied the allegations and suggested that the hidden cameras had been placed there by a guest.

Court documents say the couple became suspicious after Capraro, who installs smoke detectors for a living, found it odd that the bedroom had a smoke detector in the ceiling and the corner of the room.

Christian Capraro and Kayelee Gates say they found hidden cameras in their Airbnb.

The couple claim they got up to check the smoke detector directly above the bed and say they found a camera lens.

Capraro then checked the bathroom and found another 'hidden camera' and the couple left the property with one of the smoke detectors, having failed to remove another from the ceiling of the property's shared bathroom.

They say they reported the hidden cameras to Airbnb and checked into a hotel before calling the police, and when officers showed up at his property Goisse denied knowing about any hidden cameras.

During the police search another guest who was staying in the basement of the house on another Airbnb rental arrived and after officers searched the basement they found another hidden camera there.

The couple say they compared the smoke detector they found with a hidden camera disguised as one you can buy online.
Circuit Court of Maryland

During their investigation of the house police found a locked safe which court documents say contained 'multiple hidden cameras', including some of the cameras the couple found but could not remove before they left.

The couple said they'd been 'unclothed and intimate' with each other on the property before they'd discovered the hidden cameras.

They've launched a lawsuit on the grounds of negligence and invasion of privacy and are seeking damages of $75,000.

Chillingly, this isn't the first time such accusations have been made against an Airbnb host.

In November 2021, a man was arrested after police discovered he'd taken over 2,100 images of guests naked.

UNILAD has contacted Airbnb and Montgomery County Police Department for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: FOX 5 DC

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