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Thousands of strangers raise $222,410 for 90-year-old man pushing shopping carts to ‘make ends meet’

Thousands of strangers raise $222,410 for 90-year-old man pushing shopping carts to ‘make ends meet’

A GoFundMe for a 90-year-old US Air Force Veteran received a heart-warming response, raising a staggering amount in just four days

A 90-year-old US Air Force veteran was having to work just to 'eat' until strangers donated generously to a fundraiser.

On Monday (27 May), former news anchor Karen Swensen saw a 90-year-old man pushing shopping carts around at a grocery store in Metairie, Louisiana in '90-degree heat' with a 'heat index of 103'.

The journalist took to YouTube later that day to share footage of the veteran named Dillon McCormick - collecting and pushing shopping carts 'back and forth, stacking cart after cart' and manoeuvring 'sometimes more than twenty at a time' in the 'triple digit heat'.

She continued: "Mr. Dillon McCormick pulled and pushed his way through the maze of cars. I watched a few others help him and thought the best way I might help would be to share his story. "

After speaking with McCormick, Swensen discovered the veteran was 'working to eat' and needs '$2,500 per month to live' but only allegedly receives '$1,100 from social security', which led him to take up the job of pushing carts for hours.

"He had the kindest smile and greatest attitude. He is grateful for his job and his work ethic speaks for itself," she reflects.

However, she continues: "Mr. McCormick's mom lived to be 104. His said his grandmother was an Irish immigrant who came over to America in the late 1800's as an indentured servant after slavery was abolished. He is not afraid of hard work but he's tired. And hungry. And frustrated.

"He is a veteran of the United States Military. It's Memorial Day. It's hot. Mr. McCormick was born in 1933, making him a part of the Silent Generation. Please, America, let us be his voice. We can do this. No donation is too small. If we could raise even enough for him to retire for a year, it's something. Thank you!"

And after Swensen set up a GoFundMe for the veteran, it didn't take long for strangers to try and help.

The 90-year-old was working in 90 degrees heat (YouTube/ Karen Ronquillo)
The 90-year-old was working in 90 degrees heat (YouTube/ Karen Ronquillo)

Just a day after being set up, the GoFundMe 'surpassed the initial goal of $35,000 which would cover McCormick's needs for a little over a year' its page states.

The target was then raised to $200,000 in a bid to help the veteran fully retire.

"His mother lived to be 104 years old, so he'll need some padding!" Swensen joked.

And yesterday (29 May), the fundraiser was closed by Swensen, after strangers donations reached an amazing total.

With the GoFundMe totalling a whopping $222,545, Swensen resolved: "Thank you to all who donated to Mr. McCormick's fund. Together, we raised more than $220,000 in 24 hours, enough for him to retire!! Should he choose to remain working, it will be just that - his choice.

"No longer will the 90-year-old veteran have to push shopping carts in triple digit heat to put food on his table. He won't have to walk to work (should he choose to remain); he can Uber instead, or buy a car. He will live out his days in comfort and security.

"Tomorrow we will begin the process of transferring the funds. What a delightful day awaits for him! God bless all of you and God bless our veterans."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Karen Swensen

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