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Mother shares the eye-watering cost of one day for family at Universal Studios Florida

Mother shares the eye-watering cost of one day for family at Universal Studios Florida

Miranda Pearce recently took her family to Universal Studios Florida in Orlando, and was shocked at how much they spent

A mother has shared the eye-watering cost of one day at Universal Studios Florida for the family, after racking up the bill with seemingly basic expenses like meals and parking.

Mum Miranda Pearce (@mirandapearce) recently took her two kids to Universal Studios Florida, a popular theme park in Orlando, documenting their fun-filled - but expensive - day in a TikTok video.

"Guess how much we spent in one day at Universal Studios Florida – wait for the end, you ain’t gonna believe it," the 41-year-old marketeer said.

Showing a clip of the family getting food at a drive-thru, which cost them a total of $21.79 for three breakfast combos including drinks, Pearce said: “This is us getting breakfast at Wendy’s first of all, which was $21.

“Then we go for parking at Universal: $27.” 

Breakfast from the Wendy's drive-thru.

Pearce, from Sandbach, shows the $19 drink she bought for her son – which, thankfully, was a refillable offer as he’d proceeded to spill most of it. 

After meeting King Julian from Madagascar, the family went for lunch, splashing out $62.79 on three bacon cheeseburgers with fries and a chicken Caesar salad. 

Their 'yummy' lunch.

Pearce then showed off the pricey Harry Potter Gryffindor journal they picked up, continuing: “This was the only souvenir we bought at Harry Potter World... $42 plus the pen. 

The only souvenir of the day cost $42.

“Then, later in the afternoon, we got ice cream and fake smiles. This is $19. 

“And I got a coffee because I was fading fast by that point - $4.” 

Next it was time to check out the Fast and Furious ride, before the family went to go and get dinner. Fortunately, this was about half the price of their previous meal, having stopped off at Burger King for a slightly cheaper feed. 

“Then we paid for dinner – not too bad: $34 at Burger King,” Pearce said. 

Dinner at Burger King.

The shocked mum then showed us the rest of the receipts from their day, counting everything together to get her staggering total. 

She continued: “Oh my God, you guys... $483 for the tickets and $396 for the fast passes – I ain’t waiting around in any queue with a six-year-old. Would you have paid that? 

“Total of $1,113.40.” 

But that wasn’t even all of it... In the video’s caption, Pearce added: “That’s not even including tips.” 

The tickets and fast passes Pearce bought.
The grand total.

Her video has racked up thousands of likes and hundreds of comments – with some vowing they would ‘never go’ after seeing the prices. 

“Sounds like a complete rip off, but I’m glad you had a good time,” one person said. 

Others shared their own tips for cutting costs, with one writing: “14 days at Disney a few weeks back and spent just over $1,000 in total! Backpack, flasks, snacks, Walmart deliveries. Mainly to save queuing!” 

Someone else said: “1 rucksack, flask of coffee, sandwiches and snacks and sweets. Forget fast pass, go to far end of park where it's quieter and work towards front of park.” 

A third wrote: “Cheaper to get a room overnight and you get two days express passes inc.” 

A fourth added: “We just came back from Orlando, not including park tickets food and drinks for family of 4 cost us 400 dollars a day easy!” 

UNILAD has reached out to Universal Studios for comment.

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Featured Image Credit: @mirandapearcemindset/TikTok

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