Ukraine: War Correspondent Captures Missile Flying Over His Head In Terrifying Footage

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Ukraine: War Correspondent Captures Missile Flying Over His Head In Terrifying Footage

An Australian war correspondent located in Ukraine caught the moment a missile flew over his head as he filmed himself walking down the street.

Photojournalist and documentary filmmaker Bryce Wilson has been sharing updates on the events unfolding in Ukraine after Russian president Vladimir Putin launched an invasion this morning, February 24, with posts on Wilson's Twitter confirming the use of shells and missiles in the country.

Wilson, who has been covering Ukraine since 2015, shared footage on Instagram of the moment a missile went over his head as he spoke about how he 'can't believe' Russia had declared war.


See the footage below. Warning: Explicit Language:

The correspondent was walking along the street with a friend when the missile passed overhead, prompting the pair to exclaim in shock. Addressing his followers, Wilson stressed that he had to 'get inside', adding: 'I can't f*cking believe that.'

About an hour after posting the video, Wilson confirmed there was 'still shelling going on' and assured that he was 'taking care' of himself and his colleagues.


He continued: 'Situation is dynamic and dangerous. People are still going to work and acting like this isn’t a war. I can’t believe what is happening here... I’m prioritising taking care of my mates. I will keep updating Twitter as I can. Maybe internet will go down, we don’t know. This is surreal. Russia has declared war and attacked within seconds of the declaration. I’m alive and safe.'

Wilson went on to express belief that fighter jets had dropped bombs in his area and added that the missile he filmed flew 'over civilians and hit the airfield'.

He added: 'Have taken cover from incoming rounds. I woke up to explosions outside my apartment and put my armour on. This war is real.'


Valentina Butenko, a British-Ukrainian student living in Kyiv, also woke up to the sound of explosions and told PA News agency she lives 'on the outskirts of Kyiv' so it must have been 'pretty huge' for her to be able to hear it.

She continued: 'Have been hearing explosions intermittently since 5am … the sky has lit up a few times although it seems to have calmed down slightly now.'

Butenko reported that many residents are attempting to leave the Ukrainian capital amid the attacks, meaning the roads are 'completely blocked with traffic', making it 'impossible to get out'.

The student said she has 'trust' in Ukraine's army that it will be able to protect the country.


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Featured Image Credit: @brycewilsonau/Instagram

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