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'UFO' Spotted At Queen's Platinum Jubilee Parade

'UFO' Spotted At Queen's Platinum Jubilee Parade

The mysterious object was spotted during a flypast over Buckingham Palace

Eagle-eyed internet users are under the impression there was some unscheduled aircraft activity when the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations kicked off on Thursday.

Thousands of people gathered in London on Thursday (2 June) to mark the start of the Platinum Jubilee, which began with the Trooping the Colour parade and a display from Lincolnshire’s famous Red Arrows aerobatics team.

Flying in formation, the nine planes of the aerobatics team blasted over Buckingham Palace for the official flypast, creating a line of red, white and blue smoke in their wake.

The impressive sight captivated members of the public both on the scene and those watching at home, but upon closer inspection of the event some viewers think they've spotted a tenth flying object in the sky.

Footage from the flypast shared by both Sky News and BigJetTV shows a mysterious, circular object cutting directly across the colourful path left by the planes, zooming quickly away in a direction perpendicular to the jets.

Commenting on the sight on Reddit, one person wrote: "Just watched the BigJetTV angle again, this goes WAY too fast to be a drone or balloon in the wind. I'm inclined to say this is a genuine [Unidentified Aerial Phenomena]."

Is this a visitor from outer space?
Big Jet TV

Another viewer drew attention to the small size of the object, writing: "It almost makes me wonder if the occupants are either really tiny or non existent. This almost looks like it could be a drone or even an autonomous vehicle."

Other users have dismissed the sight as one of our own drones or as a bird, though one person refuted the latter suggestion by writing: "Hey dude I don't know if you've ever heard a fighter jet before but I guarantee you no bird is going to fly towards them let alone travel through their wake like that. Have you even met a bird before bro."

Mysterious object flies over Buckingham Palace.
Sky News

It should go without saying that authorities in the UK would have been all over security for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, so it's highly unlikely anything unauthorised would have been in the sky at that particular time.

However, I suppose there may be some technology out there that would allow a visiting species to go undetected by our own forces.

After all, with millions of people across the globe planning to take part in the celebrations marking 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II, who's to say the event didn't also get some attention from fans outside our own planet?

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Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Sky News

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