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People have noticed a UFO features on US government department logo

People have noticed a UFO features on US government department logo

There's been a very interesting addition to the logo

People have just noticed that a UFO has been added to the logo for the US National Intelligence Manager for Aviation in a new update, and they need answers.

The federal intelligence office, which focuses specifically on air intelligence issues, now has a logo that features a number of different aircraft flying over the continent of America, with UFO symbol hovering over the Pacific Ocean.

As soon as the unusual update was spotted, conversations broke out online, and now people are wondering if the answers really are hiding in plain sight.

National Intelligence Manager for Aviation

It's not known exactly when the official logo was updated, but we can see from Internet Archive's Wayback Machine that an earlier version of the logo - featuring a classic American bald eagle, with no UFOs in sight - was being used as recently as 14 June.

Curious viewers are still trying to figure out what it all means - whether this new symbol is a real update from the US department, or the work of a prankster - but either way, it's got people's attention.

Jeremy Corbell, an investigative filmmaker who specialises in dark space, UFOs, and paranormal mysteries, was among the first to notice the change, and took to Twitter to discuss it with his followers.

"Not a bad new logo for the National Intelligence Manager for Aviation," he wrote.

Journalist Nick Pope, who once worked as a UFO investigator for the British Ministry of Defence, shared the same image, tweeting: "The National Intelligence Manager for Aviation logo features a UFO. But this isn't something hidden, that's been uncovered - it's something they wanted to be noticed.

"Elements within the US Government are actively promoting the UFO narrative. But why?"

The unexplained new logo comes quite soon after US congress admitted that not all UFOs - or rather UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenons) - are made by humans, and suggested that threats from these objects are increasing.

In the report, which came as a follow-up to the Intelligence Authorisation Act for Fiscal Year 2023, it was confirmed that 'cross-domain transmedium threats to the United States national security are expanding exponentially'.

In simpler terms, vehicles with the capacity to move between air, water, and space in ways we can't fully understand are becoming a bigger concern.

Congress also noted in the report that it plans to start distinguishing between man-made UAPs and ones that aren't man-made.

Between the report and this new logo for a national intelligence department, people are pretty gobsmacked that parts of the US government are starting open up the conversation on UFOs - especially after decades of secrecy.

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