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Two teens arrested for releasing fart bomb at school that was so bad students were sent to hospital

Two teens arrested for releasing fart bomb at school that was so bad students were sent to hospital

The prank made multiple students sick and trigged multiple evacuations of the educational facility.

Two American teenagers are facing felony charges after they allegedly released 'fart spray' at their high school in a prank gone wrong.

Apparently the noxious spray smelt so bad that multiple buildings were evacuated and several students became so ill they required hospitalization.

The alleged stink-fest took place at Texas' Caney Creek High School, located 45 miles (72 kilometers) north of Houston on May 3.

The prank took place in Texas in early May.

A stench erupted, seemingly from the pits of hell itself, which saw firefighters evacuate all students at the facility due to the presence of the mysterious gas.

Classes did resume the next day, until the second attack on the senses rocked the school.

Caney Creek High School was again evacuated due to the same foul odor.

The incident caused the school to remain shut until May 5 when the primordial stench finally dissipated.

Six students were hospitalized after complaining of headaches and nausea.

A further eight students reported feeling ill due to the smell.

The school wound up calling in specialist crews to try and locate the hazardous leak.

They spent three days scouring the campus with gas detection equipment.

However, the hazardous materials crew were unable to find any leaks that could explain the stench.

Police have now placed two teens under arrest in the wake of the incident.

David Navarrete-Arce, 17, and Diego Flores, 18, have been charged with possession of a prohibited weapon, which is a third-degree felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

That's as per The Courier of Montgomery County, anyway.

The teens allegedly responsible for the prank, who had to fork out USD$3,000 (AUD$4,609, £2,433) in bail.

It was only until one student confessed to bringing the fart bomb to school that authorities realized there was a prank afoot.

Carney Creek Fire & Rescue described the gas used in the incident as 'a highly concentrated prank' using a 'fart spray'.

The spray is marketed as a gag that omits a foul odor that triggers a smell like 'real poo and fake vomit'.

As per the New York Post, police reviewed security footage and saw Navarrete-Arce walking alongside students who could be seen 'recoiling and covering their noses and mouths'

"The video showed Navarrete-Arce appear to drop and pick up an item and shows the item in his hand appeared to be a small spray can," the affidavit seen by the New York Post states.

Featured Image Credit: Montgomery County Jail. ABC13 KTRK-TV

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