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Two Russian Soldiers Dead After Being Given Poisoned Food, Ukrainian Defence Officials Claim

Two Russian Soldiers Dead After Being Given Poisoned Food, Ukrainian Defence Officials Claim

Two Russian troops were reportedly killed after eating the poisoned food

Officials have claimed that two Russian troops were killed after being given poisoned food and drink by Ukrainian civilians.

Ukrainian officials claimed in a Facebook post on Saturday, 2 April, that two Russian troops were killed and 28 left in intensive care after they were given poisoned cakes in the Ukrainian city of Izium.

A further 500 Russian troops were said to have been taken to hospital after alcohol poisoning.

The claims could not be independently verified by UNILAD.

The post from Ukraine's Main Directorate of Intelligence alleges: "Ukrainians resist the occupiers by all available means. According to the available information, the locals of the Izzyum district (Kharkiv region) "cooked" Russians from the 3rd Russian motor rifle division with poisoned cakes.

"As a result, two invaders were killed at once, another 28 went to intensive care. Their current state is to be specified."

The post then went on to claim that 500 soldiers from the 3rd division of the Russian Federation were in hospital due to alcohol poisoning 'of unknown origin'.

"Russian command writes off these cases on the so-called "not combat losses"," it added.

This isn't the first time that stories of Ukrainian civilians resisting Russian forces have emerged during the ongoing war with Russia, with videos of Ukrainians blocking tanks and footage of a civilian confronting a heavily armed soldier also surfacing.

The alleged poisonings were said to have occurred in Izium, situated in eastern Ukraine within the Kharkiv region, as per Insider.

Kharkiv has experienced some of the heaviest bombardments of the war so far. With hundreds dead and thousands injured, morgues in the city are said to be struggling to cope.

Despite this, the city is holding out, with one citizen named Ihor Aponchuk saying: "They can bomb us for as long as they want: we will withstand it", as per The Guardian.

Debris from a shelled school in Kharkiv.

Meanwhile, governor Oleh Synyehubov said: "We are scared, but we need to show people that the situation is under control and every day we are getting closer to victory."

Earlier this month, Ukraine's second-biggest city was re-dubbed the 'hero city' by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for its courage in opposing Vladimir Putin's invasion.

Kharkiv was first given the title in World War Two, after it put up a staunch resistance to Nazi troops.

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