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TV news host fired after ballistic on-air rant against management

TV news host fired after ballistic on-air rant against management

Mark Mester, a TV news host in the US, has been sacked after ranting his frustrations on-air against management

It was a dramatic day in the office for a TV news host in the US, who has been sacked after he ranted about management on-air.

Mark Mester, who was a news anchor on KTLA's Channel 5, was suspended earlier this week following an outburst last Saturday (17 September) on the Weekend Morning News show.

Mester went off-script paying tribute to his co-anchor Lynette Romero who has recently left the show.

Talking to viewers about Romero's exit on behalf of KTLA 5, Mester said the handling of his friends departure 'was rude, it was cruel, it was inappropriate and we are so sorry.'

Holding back tears, the TV presenter continued: "You did not deserve this, it was a mistake, and we hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us."

Mester continued for over three minutes in what evidently show bosses were not impressed with.

Mark Mester's outburst has cost him his job.
Matthew Keys/ YouTube

Sources close to the Los Angeles Times say Mester had a script to read from to pay tribute to Romero, which would have been accompanied by photos and clips of her broadcasts.

However, they say Mester ignored it for this segment.

UNILAD has contacted Mark Mester and KTLA for comment.

Romero was a long-time favourite on the TV channel, spending nearly 24 years with the media company.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Romero wanted to stop working weekends to spend more time with her family, and after the station said there was no openings for weekday work, she looked elsewhere.

The TV presenter left the station without acknowledging or saying her farewells to viewers.

Romero's departure from the show was confirmed in a statement read on-air by entertainment reporter Sam Rubin on 14 September: "After nearly 24 years, Lynette Romero, our friend Lynette, has decided to move on from anchoring our weekend morning news.

"KTLA management had hoped she would stay here her entire career, and KTLA worked hard to make that happen."

He continued: "But Lynette has decided to move to another opportunity elsewhere. Lynette, we wish you luck, we miss you and we thank you for everything you’ve done for KTLA. On behalf of everyone here, we wish you and your family nothing but the best."

Since her departure, Romero has kept a largely low profile on social media, however, she did address fans in a tweet on 14 September.

It read: "I will always be grateful for the love and affection LA viewers have given me. Stay tuned my friends I’ll be right back."

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