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People have new fear unlocked after seeing where pilots sleep during flight

People have new fear unlocked after seeing where pilots sleep during flight

Pilot trainer Tewodros Solomon has let us in on an aviation secret

If you’re considering a career as a pilot, you better not have any issues with claustrophobia.

If that’s a worry, you might want to check out this viral video of where pilots sleep during flights.

Aside from the cramped conditions, Instagram users said they’d unlocked a new fear after learning the aviation secret:

Getting some shut-eye on a plane is an important but difficult task. Not only do you have to contend with the cramped seats, but often screaming babies, people playing videos without wearing headphones, occasionally tots with blinding flashing lights on their head, etc.

Taking advantage of some of the newly introduced adults-only sections on planes might make drifting off a little easier, unless you happen to be one of the poor parents trying to keep a small person entertained for six hours.

However, the poor pilots don’t have it much better.

During long-haul flights, it’s important pilots get some rest, and pilot instructor Tewodros Solomon has revealed all.

Pilot instructor Tewodros Solomon wants to let you in on an aviation secret.

He shared pilots’ sleeping arrangements with the caption: “Have you ever wondered if pilots take naps during long flights?

“Well, I can tell you that during those lengthy journeys, they do actually take some well-deserved rest. They have different options to choose from when it comes to getting some shut-eye, ranging from comfortable passenger seats to dedicated sleeping areas known as bunks.

"This allows them to recharge their energy so they can continue to ensure the safety of our skies.

"It’s fascinating how they manage to balance their responsibilities with taking care of their own well-being!

"So next time you’re on a plane, you can rest assured that the pilots have had some quality rest to keep them alert and focused."

The video reveals the secret compartment pilots retire to next to the cockpit, and two beds that can be curtained off can be seen.

Looks... cosy.

Now while some sympathized with the ‘claustrophobic’ conditions pilots endured, most took issue with pilots sleeping at all.

One wrote: “They sleep? New fear unlocked.”

Another said: “Pilots... Sleep... During flight... New Fear Unlocked.”

A third wrote: “Do they turn on auto pilot and go sleep?”

One thing these people didn’t seem to account for is that there are multiple pilots on long-haul flights, as reported by Business Insider.

Obviously, they don’t all go to sleep at the same time.

Considering some flights can last up to 19-hours, it seems pretty harsh taking issues with the pilots having a nap.

Although, with bedrooms as snug as that, it's not that appealing a prospect.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/captain_tewodros

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