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Distressed passenger films his 29-hour flight where baby is screaming throughout

Distressed passenger films his 29-hour flight where baby is screaming throughout

Henry Beasley had the flight from hell as a baby screamed throughout his 29-hour journey to Berlin

A distressed passenger filmed the flight from hell which had a baby screaming throughout its 29-hour duration.

It's safe to say that hearing a small child scream is anyone's worst nightmare, but imagine it for 29 hours straight?

Well, this was unfortunately the reality for Henry Beasley, from New Zealand, who recently embarked on a gruelling trip across the world to Berlin, Germany.

If you don't like the sound of a child screaming, we'd advise to turn the volume down for this one:

Beasley, a musician in the band Balu Brigada, was accompanied a few rows back by a child who decided to give their lungs the ultimate test by screaming throughout the entire flight.

In a TikTok video posted on his band's account, he said: "Rate my 29 hour flight to Berlin. The kid's got some lungs. Great projection," along with a quick documentation of how horrific the flight really was.

At this stage, the musician's eyes were twitching as the baby's scream continued to ring out across the aircraft.

It was that constant, Beasley even tried to make light fun of it by rating the screams and recorded a 'nice long one'.

He concluded with his eyes barely staying open, saying: "Stellar performance, incredible stamina. 10/10."

Henry Beasley documented his flight ordeal.

People have been quick to react to Beasley's hellish experience in the comments, with one saying: "Honestly there should be kid free flights and kid flights."

A second added: "The rage I get just by watching this," as another said: "I’ve stopped counting the reasons why I don’t want kids but this one is definitely on the list."

And a fourth said: "They shouldn't let kids on flights longer then 4 hours."

Child-free flights have been discussed for many years now and have taken a particular center stage on TikTok, with content creators posting their nightmare flights.

Both Ryanair and WestJet have posted April Fool's Joke in the past about introducing them, but no airline has ever actually gone ahead.

Well, it seems as if Beasley isn't the only person to have to endure a child's wrath on a flight as earlier this year, Morgan Lee documented her own experience on TikTok.

She suggested that adult-only air travel should be a thing after still hearing the crying child while wearing noise-cancelling headphones.

The TikTok's on-screen caption read: "Why isn’t there such a thing as adult-only flights. I would pay SO much money."

The idea of introducing child free flights is a controversial one.
Andriy Popov/Alamy Stock Photo

Many people agreed with Lee on social media, including one parent who said: "I have kids and think this should deff be a thing. Maybe a certain time of flight or whatever could be child free.

"Works well for both people travelling with and without kids."

However, some weren't a fan of the idea, with one saying: "Call me controversial but the idea of a child-free flight simply angers me.

"You shouldn't ask for any kind of person-free anything without it being amoral or offensive, yet it's perfectly fine, it seems, to do exactly that to children."

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Featured Image Credit: @balubrigada/TikTok

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