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Former airline employee shares unreal hack that will completely change any plane travel you do
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@durbinmalonster / Getty Stock Images

Former airline employee shares unreal hack that will completely change any plane travel you do

The former airline employee shared a hack which could change the way you view your flight and the journey around it

A former airline employee has shared a hack for travelling which could change the way you fly.

Taking to TikTok, former employee @durbinmalonster explained the trick which could prove to be extremely useful when it comes to travelling by plane.

Not only that, but it could prove very useful when coordinating with whoever is dropping you off or picking you up from the airport.

There's a new travel hack in town.
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There are, of course, many hacks and tricks that you can use when you are flying, whether it's ways to skip queues or score a cheeky upgrade to business or even first class.

While this may not secure you that much-desired upgrade, it could definitely make things much easier when travelling by plane.

And given the combination of stale recycled air, airplane food, and the existential terror of hurtling through the sky 30,000ft up at 500mph in a metal tube powered by dead dinosaurs, anything which might make the ordeal a little easier is more than welcome.

So what exactly is this hack?

Well, it all comes down to knowing when your flight is going to land. Not only that, but it can even show you when the plane that you're going to be flying on is going to land as well.

So, how does it work?

The TikToker explained the hack on her channel.
TikTok / @durbinmalonster

In order to do it, you'll need the flight reference for the plane you're flying on, which should be available on your ticket.

Then all you need to do is to text this either to yourself or to somebody else.

Now, as a caveat this may not work on Androids and only on iPhones, so if you're an Android user then sorry in advance.

What that text then does is to create a link on the code. If you click that link it will take you a page which shows you the location of your flight.

This could be when you take off so you can see where you are without looking at the screens, or it could be when you're waiting to see how long any delays might be.

In a clip on TikTok, @durbinmalonster explained: "Whoever's picking you up can literally see your little aeroplane flying across the screen.

"Whoever's picking you up can see exactly when that flight status changes. It's the greatest hack. I never look at the screens.

"I never have to look at the screen from airport anymore.

"If you have a connecting flight, text yourself both flights, the second you land, you can just click your link and know exactly what your gate is."

Got to be worth a try, right?

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