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Couple stunned after discovering they’re the only ones at an all-inclusive 5-star resort

Couple stunned after discovering they’re the only ones at an all-inclusive 5-star resort

The couple were left stunned after realizing they were the only guests at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico.

A couple were left stunned after arriving at their dream vacation to find they had truly hit the jackpot by being the only guests at an all-inclusive five-star resort.

We've all been there - waking up at the crack of dawn while on vacation to ensure we nab the best sun loungers by the pool. There's no denying it's a ridiculously stressful process on what's supposed to be a relaxing time.

But for one couple they had no such problem as they had the entire Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos in Mexico to themselves.

When Cameron and his wife arrived at the luxury resort, they stumbled across what they thought was a joke.

As documented in a video uploaded to TikTok under the handle @freedomhustle, Cameron filmed the sun loungers, the pool and other outside surrounding areas at the hotel.

The catch? There was absolutely no one there, apart from the staff of course.

While it may sound pretty cool to have a five-star resort all to yourself, Cameron captured the eerie and surreal experience it was to be the sole guest alongside his partner.

"At first, it started as a joke… but it feels more like an episode from Black Mirror," Cameron says over footage capturing the empty resort.

I think it's fair to say the couple enjoyed it at first, but as the days progressed, the stunning environment slowly became unsettling.

The couple were shocked to see the resort so empty.

While he should have probably been living the life on a sun lounger with a mojito in hand, Cameron's curiosity got the better of him.

As a result, the TikToker decided to search the resort from top to bottom in the hope of encountering some kind of life.

But his search was not exactly successful.

"Every time I think I see someone that’s not wearing a white uniform, I get excited, only to realize, no, just more contractors working on the place. Which, again, was kind of cool, until it wasn’t," Cameron says.

After realizing him and his wife were the only guests at the Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos, Cameron began pondering the financial logistics of maintaining the resort.

"How is this place paying for all these lights?" he says during one part of the video.

The resort was completely empty...

"How are these fire pits being lit all day, all night for us? Who is paying for all this? This entire kingdom is just for us."

After being approached by the New York Post off the back of the viral video, the resort said they are able to accommodate no matter what.

Melissa Wisenbaker said: "Velas Resorts operate at 100% regardless of the number of actual guests staying on property.

"That is a staff to guest ratio of 3 to 1, versus at many other resorts that are the opposite (3 guests to every 1 staff)."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@freedom_hustler

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