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Couple mortified after booking what they thought were the ‘best seats’ on plane
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sergiocarrallo

Couple mortified after booking what they thought were the ‘best seats’ on plane

Sergio Carrallo and his wife Caroline Stanbury were shocked when they sat in the ‘best seats’ on the plane.

A couple have been left mortified after booking what they thought were the ‘best seats’ on plane - but it was certainly anything but.

While travelling is meant to be fun, there is certainly a lot of dilemmas and etiquette that keeps everyone on their toes.

And one of them is certainly the seats you have on the plane - something that can be make or break for a lot of folks.

Former Real Madrid soccer player Sergio Carrallo and his wife, reality TV star and British businesswoman Caroline Stanbury, believed they had secured the best seats on a flight.

But in a viral TikTok video which has been over 19 million times, the celebrity couple suffered a big surprise.

“When your assistant booked 1A and 1B and you thought they were the best seats on the plane," text overlay to the video said.

The celeb couple were left mortified by the supposed 'best seats' on the plane.

The video begins with Carrallo and Stanbury sitting in their seats on the plane.

"We got the best seats in the plane," the former soccer player explained. "Nothing goes back."

Behind the seats, there appears to be a wall and no other passengers in sight - the dream, right?

Well, not exactly. "And then look at this," Carrallo said as he turned the camera.

The apparent 'best' seats on the plane came with a huge caveat - awkwardly, all of the other passengers were sat facing the couple, all of which stared at Carrallo as he filmed.

To be honest, these are the types of seats you'd see cabin crew sitting on for takeoff and landing - and not for flyers hoping for the 'best' seats.

Thousands have since flocked to the comments section of the TikTok video, with many shocked at what they had just witnessed.

"Absolutely nothing could have prepared me for the camera flip," one person penned.

"At this point I’d have to stare them down to assert dominance," a second added.

The most luxurious is it?

While a third recalled their own personal experience: "I had those seats once!! Omg hated it. I didn’t know where to look cause I was constantly making eye contact with people. Decided to close my eyes and woke up with drool running down my chin."

"Literally gasped when you turned the phone! My anxiety could never!!" a fourth remarked.

Meanwhile, other TikTok users pointed out that the seats appeared to be jump seats for employees of the airline and not for paying passengers.

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