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Taylor Swift fans burst into massive singalong after their plane got delayed on the tarmac

Taylor Swift fans burst into massive singalong after their plane got delayed on the tarmac

The flight was full of Swifties heading back to Salt Lake City after the singer’s first night in Colorado.

Taylor Swift fans returning from her concert burst into song while their flight was delayed for several hours.

Passengers attempting to leave Colorado were treated to an impromptu singalong as Swifties belted out ‘Love Song’ while their Southwest flight was on the tarmac before heading back to Salt Lake City, as per the New York Post.

You would have hated to have been that one passenger who was just trying to get from A to B.

As crew members played the song over the speakers, T-Swizzle fans began singing the tune while waving their arms in unison.

The moment was captured on camera and began making the rounds on TikTok, which has now been viewed 1.8 million times.

Many were touched by the sweet moment, as one user wrote: “The way I would’ve started to give everyone friendship bracelets.”

Another said: “A core memory for these people.”

While a third commented: “This is so cool! I would be singing right along! Love how music can bring people together!”

Some were also quick to point out the hilarity of the situation.

One TikTok user shared: “Imagine the random guys on a business trip.”

While another wrote: “Commenting so the algorithm brings me back for the flight attendant’s POV.”

However, not everyone was too impressed.


While another proclaimed: “Never flying again.”

In the comments section, it was revealed the song began playing over the speakers after a flight attendant noticed many passengers were sporting the ‘You Belong With Me’ singer’s merchandise.

Taylor Swift fans in Nashville, credit: Seth Herald/Getty Images
Taylor Swift fans in Nashville, credit: Seth Herald/Getty Images

Hannah Hazlett, who posted the video, revealed: “We were delayed for hours and haven’t taken off yet, so the flight attendants noticed everyone in their merch and started playing music.”

Honestly, five-star service.

This isn’t the first time passengers have been treated to a little impromptu music.

In March, on an Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to JFK airport, three passengers were captured playing traditional Irish music with violins and an accordion while others gathered to watch, according to The Independent.

However, the gesture left many divided, as some deemed it fun, while others thought playing music in an enclosed space was rude.

Traveller Adam Singer was onboard the flight, tweeted the video, and posted the caption: “I mean, I understand it’s done from a good place, but also feel like you don’t play music (or much worse, sing) in an enclosed space there’s no escape from.”

Maybe next time, just bring some noise-cancelling headphones..

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/han._.haz

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