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Passengers freaked out after seeing how close planes actually fly to each other

Passengers freaked out after seeing how close planes actually fly to each other

Many passengers have been left a little shocked after finding out how close planes fly to each other at 35,000 feet.

When you are 35,000 feet in the air it is really hard to imagine anyone in sight as you are so far from normal civilization.

Whether you are heading for that summer getaway you've been looking forward to all year, or coming back from that dream vacation, you'll likely be relaxing on the plane.

Whether that be listening to music, reading a book, or even having a kip, it's certainly a smart move to chill before you are on the ground.

However, some passengers may struggle after watching one particular video showing how close planes actually fly apart.

Of course, air travel is extremely safe and what is seen in the video is normal at 35,000 feet, though that hasn't stopped some passengers feeling a little uneasy on how close aircrafts seemingly travel to each other.

A pilot, known as @flyhigh738 on TikTok, posted some footage showcasing one of his flights.

Captioning footage from inside the cockpit, the pilot wrote: "When you travel by plane and think the sky is so big that you're alone up there," doing so while showing a seemingly empty sky ahead.

Yep, that close.

Well, the pilot titled the camera to reveal another plane running rather closely by, adding: "But you're actually almost always flying so so close to other planes."

The pilot labelled it as a 'kind of motorway in the sky', something that is fairly common when following 'standard airways'.

But what has terrified passengers is the fact the other plane was just 300 meters away. Yep, 300 metres...

After announcing that to his over 3,000 followers on TikTok, the pilot penned: 'Beautiful, isn't it?'

Not all of his followers had the same thought process though, with many flocking to the comment section of the post to provide their opinions on the recent revelation.

"Information I did not needed to know… scary and impressive," one TikTok user penned.

A second added: "Been flying all of my life but the older I get the more unnatural I think it is to fly through the air at 35000 in a tube. Weird, I know."

Reaction to the video has been a mixed bag.

While a third remarked: "Flying actually freaks me out. It’s just wild that we’re all floating so high up. It’s bonkers."

On the other hand, many other passengers were left impressed by the video, with one quipping: "I love looking out the window and it looks like you're not moving then another plane goes past and you realise how fast you're actually going."

While another plane-lover added: "The coolest way of plane spotting."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @‌flyhigh738

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