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‘Smart’ passenger takes his own parachute onboard plane ‘just in case’
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @kaganbrooks

‘Smart’ passenger takes his own parachute onboard plane ‘just in case’

A TikToker has since addressed why the man took his parachute onboard

People are flooding to social media in debate after a man brought his own parachute onto a commercial plane.

It's certainly not the most reassuring sight to see someone carrying a parachute onto a plane. And just imagine if anyone on board had a fear of flying already.

I get the whole 'Better to be safe than sorry' and all that, but this plane passenger seemingly took being precautious to an entirely new level:

TikToker Kagan Brooks - who goes by @kaganbrooks - took to the platform last week to share footage of her husband boarding the flight.

The video shows a shot of him from behind, carrying what appears to be a backpack, but what Brooks reveals is actually his 'parachute'.

Brook's husband can be seen carrying the camouflage-patterned backpack onto the plane, giving a smirk to the camera and carrying on his journey without being stopped by any of the airlines' staff over what he's bringing onboard. He then potters down the aisle and pops it up in an overhead locker.

The caption reads: "Not my husband bringing his parachute on Spirit Airlines just in case. [...] I was laughing out loud the entire time #spiritairlines #traveltiktok #skydiver #spirit #traveltok."

Warning: Contains expletives:

It didn't take long for the video to go viral, as the post viewed over a whopping one million times, seeing people flock to it to weigh in on the TikToker's husband's decision.

One TikToker commented: "Smart. last I heard was spirit was charging extra fee for a normal traditional landing. :)."

"Spirit airlines… checks out. Smart man," a second added.

A third wrote: "Probably the smartest idea I’ve ever seen. This would help me with any plane anxiety in a way."

And a fourth added: "Why don’t they provide parachutes just in case!!!!"

However, another said: "Lol yall he’s just transporting it you can’t jump out of a commercial jet like that."

And indeed, in a follow-up post, Brooks revealed the real reason her husband brought the parachute on the plane.

Brooks recorded her husband boarding the plane with his parachute on his back.
TikTok/ @kaganbrooks

In the video, Brooks responds to the latter comment noting he's 'just transporting it' by saying they're one of the 'only' TikTokers who's realised her original post is 'a joke'.

She says: "My husband was bringing his rig to Miami so that he could go skydiving there and I thought people understood humor. But the comments section says otherwise."

UNILAD has contacted Spirit Airlines and Kagan Brooks for comment.

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