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Man shares strict rules you have to follow on 2000-person nude cruise ship

Man shares strict rules you have to follow on 2000-person nude cruise ship

You might be letting it all hang out, but it turns out that there is actually a whole list of rules you have to follow on a nude cruise

A guest on board a nude cruise has shared some of the strict rules that guests have to follow while on board.

It might sound like you're just letting it all hang out at sea, but in fact that are a number of rules that guests have to adhere to.

Given the sheer number of things which could go wrong on such a cruise, it's essential to have some etiquette and rules in place.

And yes, a 'nude cruise' is exactly what it sounds like, where guests can bare it all while the ship is at sea.

It might not be everyone's cup of tea but the cruises are clearly popular, with tour company Bare Necessities posting voluntary pictures of packed ships.

So what exactly are the rules?

Well, firstly you'd have to consider at what point guests can de-robe themselves.

You don't rock up to the ship in the buff, but have to wait until it's sailed some way out to sea.

One guest, 67, took to Reddit to share his experiences on the cruises.

He explained that once the ship is out of port the captain 'generally makes an announcement' telling people they can strip off.

That must be an interesting moment on the bridge.

But what about safety concerns?

In the age of social media and smartphones there's the awful possibility that pictures of someone sunning their unmentionables could end up on the internet without their consent, or even their knowledge.

The man explained: "Everyone knows you can't take pictures of other people. I was much less worried here than I have been at nude beaches. Almost no one had phones with them outside their cabin."

He added: "I've spent time online researching nudism and I've never seen a single online photograph from the cruise except for the group shots that people voluntarily pose for. For those reasons, I wasn't concerned."

As for staff, they remain clothed, and the man explained that he understands that no-one is 'obligated' to work the clothing-optional cruises if they don't feel comfortable.

And clothing was also worn at certain times and in certain parts of the ship, such as the main dining room.

He said: "After 6pm, there was a strange mix of nude, normally dressed, and women dressed in sexy clothes, like see-through blouses."

But what about the crowd on such a cruise?

"Unquestionably, there were relatively few younger couples [and] it definitely skewed older," the man explained.

"Certainly most were in their 50s to 70s. Many gay men. Not many gay women that I could tell, but I would think they would be comfortable. It's an accepting crowd."

Featured Image Credit: Bare Necessities Tour And Travel

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