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Mind-blowing clip shows man visiting the only volcano in the world with blue lava

Mind-blowing clip shows man visiting the only volcano in the world with blue lava

The electric-blue rivers of lava look like something out of a sci-fi film

Footage showing off an incredibly unique volcano in Indonesia has gone viral.

A reddit user who goes by the name NO_IM_THE_BATMAN went to visit Kawah Ijen volcano on the island of Java.

We all know what bog-standard lava looks like, right? Red, orange? Sometimes even black once solid. But nope, not this time.

Stretching over 22 kilometres, this volcanic complex has created breathtaking views during the day time for anyone who is lucky enough to see it. It may seem like an ordinary volcano at first glance, but when the evening comes and the night becomes dark the volcano shows its electric-blue rivers of lava.

Kawah Ijen is the only location in the world that has a volcano with the beautiful blue lava shown in the video.

Blue Lava at night, Kawah Ijen. (NO_IM_THE_BATMAN)
Blue Lava at night, Kawah Ijen. (NO_IM_THE_BATMAN)

You may be wondering why this volcano's lava looks like something out of a sci-fi film? Well, this is due to the combusting sulphuric gases that spew out of the volcanic vents at over 600 degrees celsius.

When the hot gases hit the air that is filled with oxygen, they then burn and create these bright blue iridescent flames. It continues to burn blue as the lava then pours down the Indonesian mountain-side.

These stand out blue flames are caused by a spectacle that is called electronic excitation. This is when electrons go into a much more energetic state. When excited electrons revert to their original state they release energy in beams of light.

The locals in Java refer to this spectacle as Api Biri, which means ‘blue fire'.

But they are careful around it, as its beauty comes with a cost. Because of the high levels of sulphur in the air, it is toxic to those who breathe it in.

Despite this, we see the man in the video wearing a large gas mask and walking around the volcano getting a very close look.

Kawah Ijen, during the day. (NO_IM_THE_BATMAN)
Kawah Ijen, during the day. (NO_IM_THE_BATMAN)

Even with all of the dangers that come along side this area, its outstanding and unusual Api Biri makes it a well known tourist attraction.

Visits can be made safely with the right tour guide and equipment which means people from all over get to experience this rare sight.

People who have seen the Reddit user's clip have been amazed by what they are seeing.

With one user saying: “This look sick asf ngl”

Another gushed over the volcano saying “Probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen."

Then a final user commenting “Dude, this was interesting as f**k.”

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/NO_IM_THE_BATMAN

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