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Man who's visited every country shares thoughts on 'amazing' country that's best for solo travelers

Man who's visited every country shares thoughts on 'amazing' country that's best for solo travelers

Drew Binsky has given his verdict after a recent study claimed to have found the best travel spot

A man who's visited every country on the planet has shared his thoughts on an 'amazing' island that's been dubbed the best place to visit for solo travelers.

Drew Binsky is the ultimate traveler and documents his adventures to a whopping four million+ subscribers on YouTube.

Drew has previously revealed to UNILAD the best place he's visited has ‘everything you could want’ and what country he plans to settle down in.

Now he's weighing in on the best place to visit in the world as a solo traveler, after a recent study provided some interesting results.

Solo traveling as a concept is spoken about a lot more nowadays, particularly thanks to creators documenting their adventures on the likes of TikTok and YouTube.

Drew Binsky has visited every country in the world.  (Supplied)
Drew Binsky has visited every country in the world. (Supplied)

I think a lot of us would decide to ditch a travel plan if no pals could join, but who's to say you cant go visit that dream travel destination by yourself?

If you decide to take the plunge, you of course want to be visiting a destination that is safe and caters well for solo explorers.

Well, Ubuy has analyzed more than 300 cities across the globe to identify the best destinations for solo travelers.

The study looked at key metrics such as a safety index, price of water, meal costs at inexpensive restaurants, the average cost of a one-day hotel stay with a beach view, and a walk score.

The data was gathered by many trustworthy sources like TripAdvisor, Walk Score, and Numbeo.

At the end of it all, researchers had a city that was found to be the best for solo travelers to enjoy themselves.

Drum role please...

A sunset view from Elephant Mountain in Taipei. (Supplied)
A sunset view from Elephant Mountain in Taipei. (Supplied)

Ubuy concluded that the best destination for solo travelers is the capital of Taiwan, Taipei.

Achieving a composite score of 95.7, navigating the Taiwan city alone is easy due to its high safety and walkability scores, according to the study.

Taipei also offers affordable food options, with meals at inexpensive restaurants costing around $6.

Having visited every country in the world, Drew has obviously spent a bit of time in Taiwan.

And the content creator can certainly see why the capital has been voted the best solo travel destination.

He told UNILAD: "Taiwan is a beautiful island with an amazing culture, charming people, and incredible food.

"It's a super safe place to explore as a solo traveler and is home to one of my favorite dishes in the world, Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup.

"The night markets are among the best in the world and are filled with street stalls offering authentic Taiwanese dishes and snacks. It's a place I've visited seven times and I plan to visit many times again in the future."

Brb, about to go get my passport...

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