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Drunk man on cruise caught throwing furniture into the sea

Drunk man on cruise caught throwing furniture into the sea

The passenger certainly had a lot more than a sore head the next morning.

People are flooding to social media to weigh in on a resurfaced video of a man throwing furniture off the side of a cruise.

It's not even one of those things where it seemed like a good idea at the time, because when alcohol is involved, you rarely make any sensible decisions. And when it comes to furniture being thrown... Well, need I say more?

Prepare to cry out in warning to Nemo and Dory:

The video was originally posted on the man's own TikTok account, however he later took it down.

Unfortunately, before he took it down, others saved it and have since reshared it on multiple other social media platforms.

The footage shows a man grabbing a chair and flinging it off the edge of the balcony onboard the MS Baltic Princess which was travelling from Turku, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden.

Next to go is an object which was lying on top of the table and then of course, the table says au revoir too, alongside a pair of chairs - all while music pounds in the background of course.

Chairs can be seen going flying.
X/ @PicturesFolder

A reshared version of the video on X - formerly known as Twitter - by the user @PicturesFoIder - has garnered quite a selection of comments, social media users not holding back from weighing in on the man's treatment of the cruise and its furniture.

One user said: "What kind of drink you think he had?"

"Serious trouble, he is gonna realise when the highness is off, he messed up big time, and those bad friends around him where just laughing and recording," another added.

A third commented: "Well that's wrong and wrong and wrong."

And a fourth resolved: "He should be in serious trouble for real."

And surprise, surprise, the incident certainly did have some serious repercussions.

He was cheered on by friends.
X/ @PicturesFoIder

The company who operated the vessel, Tallink Silja's communications manager, Marika Nöjd said at the time, as quoted by Crew Center: "We have not yet filed a criminal complaint, but we will review this incident during the week. However this is certainly an environmental crime.

"We are shocked by the incident, especially by the littering of the Baltic Sea where we hope that even cigarette butts will not end up into the seas. Also the damage to the ship's property.

"And of course, the incident could have ended with far greater consequences. The furniture could have hit someone on the lower decks."

According to Crazed, the man - named as Otto Kranni - later appeared on a local television station to apologise. He said he had been drinking for 12 hours when the video was filmed.

YLE also reported Kranni had to pay for replacement furniture.

Kranni added he was sorry, noting he 'had no intention to cause such a mess'.

Kranni declined to comment to UNILAD, but noted he wasn't fined, but did indeed have to pay 'around $1,000 for the furniture'.

UNILAD has contacted Tallink Silja for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/ u/HughJanus35

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