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Time Traveller From 2028 Posts Eerie Video As 'Last Person On Earth'

Time Traveller From 2028 Posts Eerie Video As 'Last Person On Earth'

TikToker Javier has claimed he is stuck in a parallel universe

A TikToker claiming to be in the year 2028 has shared an eerie video in which he appears to be the last person left on Earth.

For more than a year now, TikToker Javier has been intriguing and baffling viewers with videos which allege to show his experiences living alone in a city, with his first-ever post claiming he 'just woke up in a hospital' and didn't know 'what could have happened'.

"Today is February 13, 2027 and I am alone in the city," he wrote at the time. And now, more than a year on, the TikToker is still trying to convince people he is a time-traveller, with one of his latest videos coming in response to a commenter who asked him to 'show the street'.

Check out what life will apparently look like in 2028 here:

The clip shows scenes such as Javier walking through the middle of a desolate street, looking down over quiet roads and exploring deserted neighbourhoods, and though there are cars parked on the side of the road there doesn't seem to be another soul in sight.

He appears to be staying in a hotel, and though something very bad clearly seems to have happened to everyone on Earth fans of The Simpsons will be glad to know that the long-running animated sitcom is still available to watch, according to a clip posted by Javier last week.

The 'time-traveller' has, naturally, received a lot of comments from those looking to debunk his claims, with one person replying to one of his videos to say: "I don't understand how there are people who really believe this."

In response, Javier simply shared another video showing him walking around the apparently entirely empty city.

Javier claims he is living in 2028.

Earlier this year, the TikToker whose handle translates to 'only survivor’ released a clip claiming he had been alone in a post-apocalyptic world for 340 days. He has previously claimed to be 'trapped between 2021 and 2027', telling viewers he is in a 'world parallel' to our own.

In spite of his efforts to convince viewers, many have made clear they won't believe his claims. One TikToker responded to Javier to say his videos were 'obviously' fake, but admitted they were curious to know how he recorded the footage 'without anyone being there'.

Others have suggested the videos are made with the help of editing software, with one claiming they could make similar videos thanks to the 'After Effects remove plug in'.

In spite of the non-believers, though, it doesn't seem like Javier has any plans to give up on sharing insights to his alleged lonely life.

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@unicosobreviviente

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