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Woman in tears going door-to-door with resume gets huge opportunity after going viral

Woman in tears going door-to-door with resume gets huge opportunity after going viral

Her hard word has paid off!

Finding a job after college in the current climate isn't for the faint hearted.

In 2016, it was found that two thirds of postgraduates were struggling to launch their careers and several years on, things haven't improved.

Data from 2023 showed that new college graduates in the US were the most likely to be unemployed in today's job market - and one person to experience this first hand is Lohanny Santos.

The 26-year-old lost her nannying job in November 2023 and hoped to make it as an online influencer.

But by January, Lohanny's funds were starting to run dry, sparking her to take to the streets of New York with physical resumes to hand out to potential employers.

Lohanny went to coffee shops and restaurants in the hopes of landing a job - but to no avail.

This sparked her to take to TikTok to share her frustrations, with the college grad breaking down in tears.

Explaining that she has a degree in communications and a degree in acting, as well as being able to speak three languages, many fellow social media users were surprised that she was struggling to find work.

Lohanny's video has generated over 23 million views at the time of writing.

In an interview with Business Insider, Lohanny also revealed that she had been inundated with emails for job offers, as well as sending direct links for job referrals and 'offering opportunities'.

Shared on January 29 - less than two weeks later - and Lohanny has landed an exciting new opportunity.

She announced yesterday (February 7) that she's teamed up with Julie, a progestin‑only emergency contraception brand.

Speaking to the camera, Lohanny said: "I almost didn't post the video of me doing door-to-door job hunting with my resumes in hand, but I'm so glad I did because I've just landed my first ever brand deal with Julie.

"You have no idea how much this means to me!"

Lohanny proceeded to explain to product to her followers before thanking the brand for believing in her.

"We're rooting for you," the official Julie TikTok page replied to her video.

Elsewhere, others shared their congrats with Lohanny and voiced their excitement for her.

Someone said: "Yesss so happy for you!!!"

"Let’s go queen!!! Proud of you," another gushed.

A third continued: "I've never been happy for a stranger in my life. Congrats girl!!!"

"Congratulations to you! I'm happy for you," a different person penned.

If you're a struggling post-grad like Lohanny was, keep going guys.

You never know what's round the corner.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@lohannysant

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