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Liver King could lose his eye after he was knocked out

Liver King could lose his eye after he was knocked out

The ‘ancestral lifestyle’ influencer has revealed that he could lose his eye in a major update on his blog and TikTok.

Controversial TikTok star the Liver King could lose an eye after a mysterious injury.

Fans of the so-called ‘ancestral lifestyle’ influencer have been left concerned after noticing he wore an eye patch in recent videos.

The social media personality later revealed that he’d been so badly injured that it he was unable to see out both eyes. Check his latest video below:

Unless you are a very specific part of TikTok, you might be unfamiliar with the Liver King who built a huge following thanks to his, um, unusual diet.

Refusing to eat anything bar raw meat and organs, the fitness influencer claims that his unorthodox lifestyle has helped him get a ripped physique over the years.

Though experts might question this, the TikToker, whose real name is Brian Johnson, has built an insane following of over 5.1 million followers on the app.

It’s here that he shared the grim update about his right eye, after fans spotted the influencer wearing an eye patch in recent weeks.

Whilst he didn’t go into the specifics of his injury, he did reveal that it happened after he sustained 'a pretty serious injury'.

The TikTok star has been spotted with an eye patch in recent videos.
Instagram/Liver King

"At one point, I could see out of either eye...still can't see out of this eye," he told fans mournfully.

"The first surgeon say you gonna lose the eye and I see another, and another and another...last one says there's a small percent chance...I take it..." he recalled.

Vowing that he would do 'anything and everything' to recover his sight, the influencer told fans he wasn't giving up the fight just yet.

During his latest update, the influencer revealed that he'd had brain damage after being 'knocked the f**k out'.

Explaining the injury, he said: “[It was] so bad, ambulance took me to the hospital, got the CT scans, learned that I got concussed, multiple impacts, [then] learned of damage I had behind the eye…aka brain damage."

Just a few weeks earlier, the Liver King even revealed how a specialist feared he could lose the right eye – even with multiple corrective surgeries.

The influencer has become an internet sensation for his 'ancestral' lifestyle.
Instagram/Liver King

Writing on September 19, he revealed how bleak his diagnosis had been when he first met with doctors.

He claimed that there had initially been ‘too much haemorrhaging’ to inspect the right eye, with doctors even postponing a planned surgery.

He wrote: “Your eye is destroyed… it's too f**ked to even attempt to fix (right now)...”

Continuing, he explained the specialist’s grim prognosis and added: “If we proceed, it will require multiple surgeries... you will get cataracts within 2 years, lose central vision in 5, ongoing corrective surgeries... despite best efforts, LK, you still gonna lose vision in right eye — inevitable. Oh… you’ve got brain damage, too."

He then signed off the blog post, telling fans that he remained grateful despite a potential ‘One-eyed Liver King [being] inbound’.

Here’s hoping that the self-appointed Liver King can get back to tip-top shape soon.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Liver King

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