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Terrifying moment man finds hidden corridors in his hotel room
Featured Image Credit: Diana Albers Ramirez/TikTok

Terrifying moment man finds hidden corridors in his hotel room

It's like Narnia, but the horror movie version

People are flooding to social media in debate after a TikToker revealed a terrifying discovery their partner made in their hotel room.

When you decide to take some rare time off and treat yourself to a hotel for a few nights, you normally expect to be able to kick back, relax and get the best few night's sleep of your life.

Unfortunately, for one TikToker's husband, he got the complete opposite and if I was him, I'd never step foot in a hotel ever again.

Prepare for a new scenario to infiltrate your nightmares:

The video - originally uploaded to TikTok by a traveler named Diana Albers Ramirez as per The Jerusalem Post - starts off completely innocently.

It shows Ramirez's husband giving a video tour around his hotel room, starting with a perfectly made, very comfy-looking big bed and panning to a cool free-standing, huge, circular bath tub next to a wall of wavy glass blocks.

Oh, and there's two huge wardrobes, perfect for holding as much luggage as I typically overpack for a two-night trip.

And as Ramirez's husband later discovers in the video, also perfect for holding a rather horrific surprise.

The hotel room actually starts off looking really nice.
TikTok/ Diana Albers Ramirez

The hotel room looks gorgeous, what can be so bad about the wardrobes? I hear you ask.

Well, the first wardrobe is fine, but it's when the cameraman moves onto the second where it begins to feel like he's just entered into Hitchcock's Psycho.

Inside the second wardrobe, you can see the outline of another doorway and so Ramirez's husband does what all characters in horror movies do - despite us screaming at our screens warning them not to - he grabs his keycard and prises the doors open.

He's met with a small corridor, which ventures around to the right, curling around the hotel room to where the glass wall is by the bath.

And like a sinister game of pass the parcel, going back to the first opening, there's another set of doors, which again, the husband decides to open, revealing - yep, you guessed it - another secret corridor, but this time even more dark and ominous.

Thankfully the video cuts out there, but you can let your imagination do the rest.

He did what every horror movie character always does.
TikTok/ Diana Albers Ramirez

The video has since gone viral, people flooding to social media to weigh in on why there are hidden corridors in the hotel room.

One X - formerly known as Twitter - user said: "Probably more a case where the remodel architecture was designed to specific dimensions so they could order the same materials multiplied by X rooms and left over space was essentially walled off with some access points."

However, others didn't care about the reason, too horrified by the discovery.

A user said: "The moment I notice a secret door behind a secret door, I'm out that room ASAP."

"This is how you get kidnapped and trafficked to somewhere else," another added.

And a final resolved: "Bro what?! I need an update to where this is and why it exists!"

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