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Customer ends 'pay-it-forward' line at drive thru after refusing to pay $45 order and sparks debate
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@chefboyardarius

Customer ends 'pay-it-forward' line at drive thru after refusing to pay $45 order and sparks debate

The customer has sparked debate on TikTok

With the toxicity surrounding tipping culture online, the likes of 'pay-it-forward' are a nice change of pace.

However, one TikTok user sparked a debate on the popular video platform last year after deciding to end a 'pay-it-forward' line at a fast food drive-thru.

There is no doubt that the offer is a lovely display of humanity, and we've seen many instances where the act of kindness has made somebody else's day.

And when you are not exactly having the greatest day, such a small act of kindness can go a long way.

However, TikToker Darius decided against maintaining the pay-it-forward offer while at a Bojangles restaurant.

The concept of 'pay-it-forward' has been around for a while now, as it sees one person kicking off the trend in drive-thru's.

Essentially, that person covers the cost of the order placed by the person behind them.

As a result, the customer behind in the queue is left with the pleasant surprise that their order has been paid for, which often encourages them to repeat the move for the next person in line.

Lovely, right? Though not without its issues.

In his video, Darius, who goes by @chefboyardarius on TikTok, explained that he ordered $15 worth of food, and that he was surprised and appreciative when he learned the car in front had paid for it.

'Pay-it-forward' has been know to happen at a drive-thru.

The employee at the store told Darius that he was part of a 'pay-it-forward' line which had already involved multiple customers.

As a result, they asked Darius whether he wanted to join the trend by covering the cost for the person behind him - a woman who he claims had 'about run [him] over' while going into the restaurant.

Feeling generous, Darius asked how much they'd spent and learned the total was $45.38.

"I didn't sign up to feed the 5,000," the TikToker said, alongside a caption on the video which read: "$45 at Bojangles is crazy… or am I trippin."

"I'm not doing that," Darius added.

The TikToker did make sure to share his thanks for the person who paid for his food, but his decision to end the line of generosity has sparked debate among viewers.

The TikToker has sparked debate.

Many agreed with his decision to end the line over the cost of the food, with one person explaining they'd only be willing to pay if the next customer's total was 'less or equal to mine', adding: "Otherwise, it’s a no."

Some viewers responded to point out $45 wasn't that much if there was a family in the car, though many responded to point out the issue with the trend - if the total you're being asked to pay is more than you can afford, then it can be tough to pay it forward.

Other TikTok users offered alternative views, with one arguing that it didn't have to be all or nothing.

They wrote: "Why not just pay your own food bill and let the $15 go to the next person then. That way ur still paying forward."

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