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People convinced airplane is stuck after spotting it not moving in the sky
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/.kadeshia

People convinced airplane is stuck after spotting it not moving in the sky

TikTokers are flocking to the post in debate over why the plane appears frozen in the sky

People have been flooding to social media in shock after a TikToker shared a video of a plane 'stuck in the air'.

Is it a bird, is it plane...? Well, it is a plane, but it's not how you'd typically expect to see one if you glance up at the sky.

A TikToker got a shock when they were driving in Florida after glancing up to see a plane 'stuck in the air' and it's freaking people out.

Prepare to feel like there's a glitch in the system:

A TikToker named Kadeshia - @.kadeshia - took to the platform last week to share a clip of her drive and her sighting of the 'stuck' plane.

The caption reads: "This plane never even moved. Strangest thing I've ever seen."

The video is from the perspective of Kadeshia in a car tilting her camera up to the sky, revealing a plane overhead which is seemingly not moving.

Someone in the car questions if the plane is actually 'real' given it's 'not moving at all'.

The car travels past the plane and yet still, it doesn't seem to move at all, Kadeshia and her friends laughing in confusion. After all, if you don't laugh, you'll cry, because as much as we all love watching Black Mirror, I doubt we all want to end up in an episode of it.

The plane appears frozen in the air.

And other social media users are similarly bamboozled, having flooded to the post to weigh in on the peculiar sighting and what on earth could be going on.

One TikTok user said: "I’m going to assume it’s a massive kite held together by two or four strings."

Another claimed: "It’s called the parallax effect, it's when you're moving past another object moving it appears to not move at all."

However, a third responded: "For everyone saying parallax effect explain the pole below it and how the plane did not move past it or even the building below it, just curious."

Although a fourth chimed: "We live by an airport and we see this all the time when driving. If you stop your vehicle you'll see it is moving."

Even as the TikToker drives past, the plane doesn't seem to budge.

It's not the first time such a strange occurrence has taken place though, with another airplane having been spotted appearing stationary in the sky in 2022.

A TikToker named @lesxbalboa shared footage of an apparently motionless plane and she didn't just see it frozen on one day, but two days later as well.

What do you think the reason is?

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