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Incredibly bizarre videos of woman talking like a robot on livestream have finally been explained

Incredibly bizarre videos of woman talking like a robot on livestream have finally been explained

Repeating phrases like 'fire', 'ice cream so good' and 'gang-gang', the TikTok performer has left users pretty confused

It’s not exactly a rarity to be scrolling through TikTok and come across a video that’s just, well, weird.

But many users have been left pretty confused by some bizarre videos of a woman seeming to chat like a robot on livestream.

The viral trend is quite baffling and clips show 19-year-old user ‘Pinkydoll’ repeating words, phrases and sounds like she’s some kind of machine.

This includes her firing out the likes of: “You got me feeling like a queen. Thank you Shelby. Fire, fire, fire, fire. Gang-gang.”

They also make licking sounds, balloon-popping noises and saying things such as: “Ice cream so good.”

Yeah, just as random as it sounds. Oh, and just to top it off, in many clips, she is popping corn using a flatiron while she says all this – potentially the wildest part.

And people have been desperately trying to figure out just what is actually going on, writing on Twitter: “I’ve never been more confused in my entire life dawg.”

Others also said: “I really need someone to explain this to me bruh.”

Well, it turns out this is all part of some viral NPC fetish.

Don’t know what that is either? You’re not alone.

So, this new streaming kink has typically been pretty niche until now but it’s certainly having its moment.

Typically, in gaming, NPCs are Non-Playable Characters not controlled by users. But on TikTok, it’s people who act as though they’re being instructed to complete different actions and dialogue.

This is similar to the NPCs you come across on your favourite video games, who repeat specific movements and say the same words and phrases – think Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy.

And that’s just how performers like Pinkydoll are behaving in their TikTok videos where they repeatedly churn out phrases like ‘gang-gang’ for hours.

Oh, and she also uses a flat iron to pop corn at the same time.

If you pay close attention to her videos, you can see she may respond to the token payments TikTok users are making.

Pinkydoll is being paid using the platform’s sticker function – which features items like popcorn and ice cream – with her choice of phrases reflecting it.

There’s a lot of buzz on Twitter that this is a ‘straming kink’ with users saying: “I don’t think it can get more niche than this.”

Others wrote: “I’m so intrigued by her, I stop and watch whenever she’s on my screen, I guess I’m learning something new.”

And one says: “The way she’s so good at it too, she’s getting that bag and I’m happy for her.”

Pinkydoll, who people call ‘hypnotic’, has racked up over 270,000 followers and counting on TikTok with over 462,000 likes.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@pinkydoll

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