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Waitress leaves people shocked after sharing how much she made in tips during one shift

Waitress leaves people shocked after sharing how much she made in tips during one shift

A Hooter's server has had some pretty good tip days.

A Hooters server has revealed how much she can make in tips and it's leaving people astounded.

If you've ever experienced the joy of being a server, you'll no that no matter how many staff parties, free food and drinks you get through the work perks, it doesn't make up for the fact it is certainly no easy job.

From dealing with tricky customers who actually believe 'the customer is always right', to having to clear up someone's sick - or worse - all over a toilet cubicle, as well as balancing tons of food and drink on a tray and dodging people who've had one too many, it's a skill which deserves rewarding.

And one server's tips certainly make the job a lot more worth it.

Jordan Williams - who goes by @jordannlolll on the platform - documents her time as a server at a branch of the notorious Hooters establishment over on her TikTok.

In a video shared in December last year, the 20-year-old waitress reveals she worked a morning shift and one table had a $21 tab and tipped her $10, another table - a regular - had a tab of $21.96 and he tipped her $121 of which she can take $100 and she also had a $58 tab and they tipped her $28.

But if you think $100 is a lot, wait until you hear what Jordan made on other days.

Jordan works in a branch of Hooters.
TikTok/ @jordannlolll

On 9 January, Jordan reveals she made a solid $145 in tips after working from 11:00am to 2:30pm, however she notes $100 was from one of her regulars so she would've 'really only made $45 if it wasn't for him'.

Taking to her page on 24 February, Jordan explains she worked a 11-5 shift at the bar and received a whopping $298.66 in tips.

And four days later on a morning shift, Jordan made another staggering amount of $244.83.

But the most she's made so far according to her TikTok? Well, a nice wad of cash totalling $298.66 from an 11-5 shift.

And it's not taken long for people to flock to her profile to weigh in on the amount of tips she receives.

One shift Jordan made nearly $300 in tips.
TikTok/ @jordannlolll

One TikToker said: "It’s wild!! Even in buttf**k nowhere you are making like $150,000 a year… in NYC Those guys making like $300k a year!!"

"You have a job and you do it excellent, people like you," another added.

Although, another user was quick to question what Jordan's 'base pay' is.

The TikToker responded: "Only $2.13/hr."

So it's just as well she makes so much in tips. Although, of course, the tipping debate still rages on.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jordannlolll

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