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Influencer documents 'shocking' experience at Disneyland and calls out 'body shaming'

Influencer documents 'shocking' experience at Disneyland and calls out 'body shaming'

A plus sized model has called for an end to 'body shaming' after her day at Disneyland Paris was 'ruined'

A woman has spoken out about about 'body shaming' after her experience at Disneyland.

Panamanian plus size model and TikToker Gracie Bon took to her page yesterday (3 June) to share her experience after going to Disneyland Paris in France with her siblings.

Sharing photographs and videos from her time at the park, Gracie explained she was trying to have 'fun' with her family but her day was 'ruined'.

Why? Because people were 'making fun of the size of [her] body'.

In the video, she continues: "And the worst part is that they teach their kids to do the same."

But what exactly did other Disneyland guests do?

Gracie went to Disneyland Paris with her siblings. (TikTok/ @graciebon1)
Gracie went to Disneyland Paris with her siblings. (TikTok/ @graciebon1)

Well, according to the TikToker, they 'kept taking photos' of her alongside 'giving [her] bad looks all the time'.

"Or just kept laughing at me," she continues.

Gracie says: "I know you may think I am exaggerating and that it's my fault for being a big girl, but this is literally what God gave me and I have to embrace every single part of me.

"Even if you have a condition or you look different, you shouldn't get bullied for the way you look. I would never talk negatively about someone else's appearance. Respect is key."

Gracie shared footage of people staring and seemingly laughing at her. (TikTok/@graciebon1)
Gracie shared footage of people staring and seemingly laughing at her. (TikTok/@graciebon1)

Gracie argues Disneyland 'should be a safe space where everyone feels comfortable' and 'at the end of the day' she was 'just existing' and wanted to 'have fun like everyone else'.

She resolves: "If you don't like something, stop hating and keep it for yourself."

And it's not taken long for people to flood to the comments in support of the TikToker.

One user said: "We need more people like you, you’re so beautiful. Words of respect!"

"You are beautiful. It's really sad how people can be so mean" another added.

A third commented: "Very few have this. It's natural for the less fortunate to be jealous. Let them be jealous. U just keep uploading ur beautiful vdos."

And a fourth wrote: "I wish everyone could just mind their business but confidence is key."

According to Disneyland Paris' website page on Theme Parks Rules, section 2.1 on Visitor Behavior states: "Theft, public disorder, verbal and physical violence, insults or racial taunts, cheating, fraud, drunken or indecent behaviour, malevolence, violations of safety regulations and these Park access rules, discriminating or other socially unacceptable behaviour, may lead Euro Disney Associés S.A.S. to take the necessary action including informing the police, filing a complaint or removing the visitor from the Park(s) without any sort of compensation, refund or claim."

Section 2.4 adds: "Euro Disney Associés S.A.S. reserves the right to exclude or to refuse access to any person whose behaviour poses a threat to the safety of other visitors, employees, or themselves, or to the attractions or show areas."

UNILAD has contacted Gracie and Disneyland for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@graciebon1

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