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Costco chilli receives backlash over its ingredients

Costco chilli receives backlash over its ingredients

Not everyone is a fan of beans, but denying that chilli has beans is taking it too far

Of all the things to start an online war, who’d have thought it would be chilli?

Apparently, this delicious dish is causing quite the stir as people are battling for their lives about how it should be made.

Can you guess where this war started?

Of course, none other than the famous video app, TikTok.

When user @costcohotfinds decided to share how much they enjoyed Costco’s canned chilli, it sparked outrage due to the ingredients.

Now, I’m not an expert, but I thought chilli was meant to contain kidney beans, tomatoes and an array of aromatic spices.

No? Okay.

Even though Costco has been killing it in the canned good game for years, with a host of fall favourites, including the controversial Kirkland Signature Chili, this year, something is amiss.

This product comes in a 4-pound tub and features beef, onions, cheese, and spices… as well as kidney and pinto beans.

Here’s where the war begins.

TikTokers were not happy about the addition of beans to chili.

The TikToker created a video which showed users what the dish looks like when it was cooked, but there were those who couldn’t handle it.

“There’s no beans in chilli……I don’t know what that is but it’s not chilli…… still looks pretty good though,” one user fretted.

Another agreed, typing: “Real chili DOESNT HAVE BEANS IN IT.”

A third commenter decided that it wasn’t chili after all: “That’s not chili. That’s bean soup.”

“Chili master here folks, it’s official, this isn’t chili,” someone else stated.

“Costco needs to remove this so call Chili from it’s store now.”

Another was in utter disbelief over the debacle: “Are there beans?!?”

But of course, you can’t have a war with only one team.

Enter Team Beans.

Team Beans didn't mess around!

“I have to have the beans,” an avid bean supporter proclaimed.

“Is that an American thing? 100% we put beans in our chilli in Canada,” one person shared.

Another was totally over the drama: “Why are ppl so negative. Beans or no beans it's chili. Give it a break please. Your not enlightened.”

“Without beans it’s just sloppy joe’s!” Said someone else and, to be honest, I agree.

Unilad reached out to Costco for comment, so, hopefully, they can settle this debate.

Featured Image Credit: tiktok/@costcohotfinds /Michael Siluk/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

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