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Target employee reveals why he quit after 3 weeks for being told to 'work faster'

Target employee reveals why he quit after 3 weeks for being told to 'work faster'

TikTok user @earthlingxobro went viral after ranting about his employer

A Target employee claims he quit 3 weeks into his job after being told to 'work faster'.

TikTok user @earthlingxobro went viral on the platform following his scathing rant at the US company.

Watch below:

He explains: "So, I got hired at Target three weeks ago and tonight I walked out and I quit.

"Before I even got started on any work today, when I got in there, I got pulled into the office almost immediately and was told that if I didn’t speed it up and start working ‘faster’ that I was going to be let go, that they were going to fire me."


The TikToker claimed he always got into work on time and did his job properly.

However, he went on to criticise the company as the manager allegedly told him to work harder, otherwise he'd loose his job.

He went on to say: "Who are you to expect them to be this well-oiled, perfect machine especially after three weeks when you didn’t even train this person, because they didn’t train me.

"These companies don’t have this leverage anymore and it’s so hilarious to me that they still think they do, you know?

"This is post-pandemic. Everybody’s short-staffed, and it’s for reasons like this. We’re not gonna put up with bulls**t. We’re not scared of you anymore."


Viewers were divided in the comments, with some suggesting that $15-$17 was not an 'unliveable' wage.

One person wrote: “You were employed for 3 weeks and think it's admirable that you didn’t call out?!?!”

“So now 15-17 an hour is unliveable,” a second argued.

Someone else said: "Target workers make good money and have a great employee discount! Also, every boss tells you what to do, lol."

Although, many seemed to agree with the former Target employee.

One wrote: "I was a grocery store manager. I never expected speed until after about 45 days. do the job right and the speed will come. the owners [couldn’t] believe we couldn’t find people after they raised their minimum wage to 10 dollars an hour. this is how out of touch people are."

Another added: "I understand I worked for Walmart for one week I was fired though they did not train me And they had me working in three different departments."

Someone else said: "I worked there 3 years ago, just part time. They told me I talked to the customers too much."

UNILAD have reached out to Target for comment.

Featured Image Credit: @earthlingxobro / TikTok / Mira / Alamy

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