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The Project host Sarah Harris accuses fans of threatening her kids after Jesus joke scandal

The Project host Sarah Harris accuses fans of threatening her kids after Jesus joke scandal

The 41-year-old star revealed the extreme lengths she had to go to in order to dodge public harassment.

The Project host Sarah Harris has revealed the extreme lengths she had to go to avoid the Australian public as people lost it over the joke that shocked the nation.

The joke we are referring to was told by comedian Reuben Kaye, who appeared on the Channel 10 panel show on February 28 to chat about all things to do with Sydney Mardi Gras.

And it was one appearance that we assume TV hosts Waleed Aly, Sarah Harris, and Channel Ten's executives will never forget.

Kaye, who is best known for his off-color sense of humor and dry wit, shocked audiences in Australia with one pretty savage gag about the Son of God, who apparently is not a laughing matter.

So, if you're a fan of the Big Man Upstairs or his kid, maybe don't read on.

Or see it right here.

Kaye, who appeared on the show to promote Sydney's Mardi Gras and World Pride, went in for the kill, and, let's just say, even Jesus isn't rising from this brutal slaying.

"I love Jesus," Kaye said to hosts Waleed Aly and Sarah Harris.

"I love any man who can get nailed for three days straight and come back for more."

Aly looked mortified and Harris burst out laughing.

In the days that followed, Harris and Aly would later grovel to the public for forgiveness.

People on social media lost their minds.

Apparently religion is still off-limits. Must suck to be persecuted, huh Christianity?

Anyway, media watchdog the Australian Communications and Media Authority received a huge 203 complaints or inquiries about the February episode, as per the Daily Mail.

Harris has since revealed the public backlash was intense, telling The Matty Johns Podcast about how even her two sons, aged six and four, started receiving threats against them.

How very Christian of you all, by the way.

'I'm not defending having the joke on the show, it was absolutely the wrong context and wrong forum for that, but when we start talking about what you can and can't joke about, are we going to move onto blasphemy laws next?" she told Johns.

"It's concerning for comedy as well. If we are going to say you can't joke about that - it's completely off limits - it's a really bizarre kind of time we find ourselves in."

Aussies raced to social media to slam the LGBTIQ+ comic in the wake of his brutal take, along with Aly and Harris.

One Facebook user said: "This is disgusting. To ridicule and mock Christ like this is totally unacceptable. For a community that claims to be so inclusive and accepting, it’s ironic that anything to do with Christ is so repulsive. May God forgive you."

Another raged: "So we need to respect the LGBTQabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz+++++ community, but he has no respect for people's faith and can make fun of religion?"

Another added sarcastically: "Everyone deserves dignity, safety, respect, kindness, and to be themselves. Just not if you're a Christian."

Some jumped to Kaye's defense, reminding Jesus people of the whole 'love thy neighbor' thing.

One user said: "So let me get this right, religious nuts are upset about being hated and not accepted? Oh dear, now they know how it feels when they get on their hateful rants."

Featured Image Credit: The Project/Ten.

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