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The Largest Superyacht In The World Has Just Been Seized

The Largest Superyacht In The World Has Just Been Seized

The enormous vessel boasts a swimming pool, spa and two helipads

The largest superyacht in the world had just been seized.

Authorities in Germany have taken control of the Dilbar after it was found to belong to billionaire Alisher Usmanov's sister.

Usmanov has been sanctioned over his relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Police seized the enormous vessel, worth an eye-watering $600 million (£458m) and measuring 156 metres (512ft), yesterday (14 April).

It comes after weeks of investigations by the authorities into its true ownership, which they say was hidden through a complex web of 'offshore concealment'.

In a tweet, the German federal crime office said: "The #BKA determined the owner of the M/S #Dilbar through extensive investigations despite offshore concealment.

The Dilbar has been seized by German authorities.

"This is Gulbakhor Ismailova, Alisher Usmanov's sister.

"The luxury yacht Dilbar is therefore subject to sanctions law and was able to be legally impounded in Hamburg."

Dilbar is named after Usmanov's mother and is the world’s largest motor yacht by gross tonnage, boasting a 25-metre swimming pool, two helipads and a spa.

It is crewed by 96 people and can sleep up to 24 passengers.

According to Bloomberg's billionaire index, Usmanov is said to be worth $19 billion (£14.5bn) making him the sixth-richest Russian.

He has previously held a stake in Arsenal and had a sponsorship deal with Everton football club.

He also owns a huge £48m mansion in London as well as a 16th century estate in Surrey.

Usmanov (right) was sanctioned by the UK government.

The oligarch was sanctioned by the the UK last month following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and had previously been sanctioned by the European Union and the United States.

His sisters, Ismailova and Saodat Narzieva, have also been sanctioned by the UK and EU.

Explaining the decision to sanction Ismailova, the UK government wrote: "The EU has already sanctioned this individual due to her close association with Usmanov who has indirectly transferred assets to Ismailova, including leaving his sister as the only beneficial owner of the yacht 'Dilbar'.

"Ismailova is subject to a travel ban and asset freeze."

It also said that Usmanov had 'transferred considerable assets' Narzieva 'including a single payment or gift of 3 million USD, 27 Swiss bank accounts, and holding hundreds of millions of dollars'.

She is also subject to a travel ban and asset freeze.

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