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Tattoo Artist Wants To Have The Biggest Earlobes In The World

Tattoo Artist Wants To Have The Biggest Earlobes In The World

Bianca Ferro gets some attention for her looks, but says she loves how she looks

A tattoo artist is striving to hit the record books for having the world’s biggest earlobes.

Bianca Ferro has spent years of her life modifying her body, and the crowning jewel is her massively stretched earlobes.

Currently, they’re at about 8.6 centimetres – over three inches – but she wants to go even bigger.

Bianca Ferro.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she explained: 'I started the summer I turned 13 and I hid it from my parents.

'Eventually my mum found out and didn't love it, but also didn't mind enough to make me take them out.

'My dad on the other hand did not want me stretching my ears, especially at a young age.

'He tried to get me to stop but no matter how hard he tried I always found a way to keep stretching them', she added. 'Now my parents don't think twice about them. They just see them as a part of me because that's really all they are.'

As you can probably imagine, she gets quite a lot of attention for her unique appearance, and much of it hasn’t been positive.

Some have questioned whether she could ever get a job – she doesn’t need to, she has one – and others have even said she must smell.

Bianca Ferro.

The 26-year-old says she has been bullied since school and no longer lets anything get her down.

'I think most people are too intimidated by me to say anything, but I get weird looks everywhere I go, and I totally don’t blame people for looking, it’s not something you see every day', she said.

'People on the internet tend to assume I don’t have a job, I have daddy issues, and that I smell really bad. I promise I don’t.

'They are just earlobes. It’s just skin and what I’m doing isn’t hurting anybody, it doesn’t even hurt me.'

The New Jersey resident continued: 'Trolling has just become a part of my everyday life over the years, and it doesn't affect me at all anymore.

'When I first started gaining attention on the internet, it did hurt a little when I realised how many people in this world think I'm disgusting or ugly. But I've gotten so used to it that I don't feel anything when I see comments like that.

'The only ones that really upset me are the ones making assumptions about my parents.

'But there is nothing some random person on the internet can say that will hurt my feelings at this point.'

Furthermore, she’s really happy with how she looks. 'I don’t regret what I’ve done to my body.'

'People always ask me what I'll look like when I get older or that I'll regret this when I'm old. If I am fortunate enough to see old age, I will be happy knowing I lived a life doing exactly what I wanted to do despite what others think, how could I ever regret that?'

Having got her first tattoo at the age of 16, she now has no idea how many she’s got. In fact, she wants to be more covered. 'I can't think of a better way to express yourself than getting tattooed', she said.

'Whether it's something with deep meaning or just a character from a cartoon you like, tattoos are such a good way to show the world what makes you you.

'They are so extremely tailored to who you are as a person. There are no two people in this world with the exact same tattoos as each other.'

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Featured Image Credit: @vileusagi/Instagram

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