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Supreme Court upholds access to abortion pill
Featured Image Credit: Tony Tallec/Zoonar GmbH/Alamy

Supreme Court upholds access to abortion pill

President Joe Biden praised the decision, claiming it is a vital step in protecting women's rights

The Supreme Court has protected access to a common abortion drug, stopping a lower-court ruling in its tracks.

On Friday (21 April), the Supreme Court justices put a halt to the previous order, which had placed a number of restrictions on the drug's availability and usage.

The decision marks an important victory for President Joe Biden and his administration, which introduced a bill two years ago making it easier for women to get access to mifepristone, which has been used by millions for decades.

And it comes after the Supreme Court last year reversed the milestone Roe v. Wade case, which protected women's right to have an abortion.

This will not be the end of the matter, though, with appeals set to be heard over the coming months.

The Supreme Court protected women's access to mifepristone.
Brigette Supernova/Alamy

One such hearing is set to take place in a federal appeals court in New Orleans on 17 May.

However, celebrating the victory, President Biden said it was a vital step in safeguarding the rights of women across the country.

“As a result of the Supreme Court’s stay, mifepristone remains available and approved for safe and effective use while we continue this fight in the courts," he said.

"The stakes could not be higher for women across America. I will continue to fight politically-driven attacks on women's health.

"But let's be clear - the American people must continue to use their vote as their voice, and elect a Congress who will pass a law restoring the protections of Roe v Wade."

Despite the 80-year-old's confidence, a lawyer representing the doctors who brought the case to court said the decision was not a surprise.

Last year saw the milestone Roe v. Wade case overturned.
Robert K. Chin/Alamy

In a statement, Erik Baptist, a lawyer for Alliance Defending Freedom, said more battles will need to be fought.

“As is common practice, the Supreme Court has decided to maintain the status quo," the statement read.

“Our case seeking to put women’s health above politics continues on an expedited basis in the lower courts.

"We look forward to a final outcome in this case that will hold the FDA accountable."

Opponents of the decision argue that the decision by the Federal Drug Agency (FDA) to approve the mifepristone was illegal.

Carol Tobias of National Right to Life said: "What the courts will see is a drug that does not cure a disease or alleviate the symptoms of a disease.

"It was developed to take the life of an unborn child and always has the potential to harm the mother."

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